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Twilight’s Clothing Choice

Twilight’s Clothing Choice

After gaining tremendous success in every aspect, mega project ‘Twilight’ is now going to launch another thrill in the style and Fashion world.
American fashion label BB Dakota is launching a clothing range of jackets that was used in the vampire film ‘Twilight’. The collection is mainly based on jackets but not on the canvas coat that was worn by Kristen Stewart's character Bella in different scenes. Especially during the romantic scene with Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen, Bella was wearing the coat but it’s not a part of the Fashion assortment. She always prefer her own style, as she is natural in her attitude of carrying stuff even; but sometimes she likes to have formal look. Kristen Stewart, last year described her style as a "natural edge".
'Twilight' costume designer Wendy Chuck wanted to design the brown hoodie for her in the sequence but the director of photography didn’t appreciate the idea. The director was on the view that her hair is already brown and it would not look nice with the brown jacket to have complete brown look. Now fashion label BB Dakota re-branded the coat as the 'Twilight' jacket and will launch in the coming autumn season with is full bloom. Besides the coats and jackets, the skinny cords, hoodies and other outdoor-style clothes are also adding a nice variety in the Fashion anthology. 

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