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Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly On ‘Nemesis,’ ‘Queen’ Janelle and Survivor Goals

The reality star legend dished on her “Amazing Race” feud with Nicole Franzel.

Rachel Reilly became a household name with her appearances on “Big Brother,” “Amazing Race,” and “Celebrity Fear Factor,” but she’s not done bringing her talents to television just yet.

During a chat with TooFab, the mother-of-two revealed she is working on some exciting new projects after teaming up with premier lifestyle channel, bspoketv — including a reality show where she travels across country with her always endearing family.

“Being the crazy Rachel that I am, I was always dragging my husband and my sister into different shows,” she began, referencing her team-ups with Brendon Villegas and Elissa Slater. “So the show that we’re working on right now is going to be a really fun show.

We’re kind of working on a “moving” type of show because Brendan’s going into his residency program. We’re going to be taking the two kids and most likely my mom, which is another crazy whole aspect of a show: traveling with your mother-in-law.”

The show —  titled “I Love the Brenchels – Moving On” —  will also feature her adorable dog and interviews with other reality stars along the way.

“It’s going to be a really crazy adventure,” she added with her signature laugh. “A lot of fun — exactly what you would expect from Rachel.”

Meanwhile, the Season 13 winner dished on all things “Big Brother,” including who she wouldn’t want to see walk through the door if she ever got another shot at the grand prize.

“I have my scripted answer and then I have my real answer,” Rachel said coyly. “My real answer is obviously — um — actually the truth is I would not want to see Cody (Calafiore) again because he’s so charming and likable that it’s just like, I find that I would probably want to be friends with him and he’s so good at just getting to Final Two. So it’s like, why do you want to play with him? You know? So I think that would probably actually be the real answer.”

When pressed if she had someone else in mind originally, Rachel laughed and said, “Well, we all have our reality competitive nemesis. I think we all have them and I have promised this — I would not say their name. I have promised myself that. I think maybe that’s the real truth, but I’ll say it’s the same person that Janelle (Pierzina) and I are not big fans of.”

When asked if she was referring to Nicole Franzel, Rachel replied, “I’ll just say it goes back to ‘Amazing Race.'”

It is well known amongst “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race” stans that Rachel and Nicole were in a feud after competing against each other on “The Amazing Race” in 2019. Janelle was a part of that season as well. Both Rachel and Nicole felt they were in the right for certain moves made during the game, but the drama blew up and even spilled over into social media after the show ended.

And even now, the two have never reached out to each other.

“I wish her all the best,” Rachel said. “I think she’s pregnant, so that’s great. You know, I think being a mom changes everyone and you learn so many lessons and I’m saying this honestly, because I know from becoming a mom that you grow as a person. And so I really do hope that they grow as people and that I wish them the best — I honestly do.”

“And listen, being a mom is hard. So, even if she doesn’t change, she’s still gonna go through all those struggles of being a mom. And it’s like this mom club that we all have. So I wish them the best, but no, she’s never reached out.”

In the most recent season of “Big Brother,” Janelle and Nicole were competing houseguests. While they had their own feud going during the game, Janelle defended Rachel against Nicole regarding the “Amazing Race” debacle.

“That was awesome,” Rachel told TooFab. “Janelle and I have been friends — I think we both mutually respect each other. I mean, Janelle’s the queen, right? So it’s like, Janelle is literally this iconic ‘Big Brother’ player. I totally adore her.

I look up to her. She’s so great. I thought it was so cool that she defended me. If I was in the house, I would have done the same thing. So I think Janelle and I see eye to eye a lot and she’s a working mom and she’s a bad-ass and she’s the queen.”

If Rachel doesn’t get her chance to be on “Big Brother” anytime soon, she said she’s still looking towards the future.

“If they brought me back with my daughter, how fun would that be?! You know, in like 18 years, I guess?!”

Although she said she’s never been approached to go on “Survivor,” Rachel is ready to take a chance.

“I would LOVE to do ‘Survivor.'”

But for now, she’s focusing on her new adventure at bspoketv.

“We’re trying to do 13 episodes for the season. It’s going to be 30 minutes a full episode. They’ll be a lot of fun!”

Tune in to bspoketv for all the fun Rachel Reilly content and much much more, here.

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