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The Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile GamingToday while at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, I attended a panel called “The Future of Mobile Gaming.” While the panel had eight participants, questions were often asked to the audience to foster debate and discussion. Now I’m turning the questions on you.

One of the most interesting statements was made by Geomerics founder & COO Dr. Chris Doran, who said, “I hope the future of mobile gaming is triple-A.” He thinks consumers who buy high-end devices look to games to deliver that wow factor and that they would want something of triple-A caliber. The discussion turned to upping graphics (something Chair’s Infinity Blade, pictured above, has led the way on) and finding proper mechanics to bring triple A games to mobile devices. As an example, first-person shooters came up as something that developers struggle make control-friendly on mobile.

Another interesting prediction came from Michael Ludden, senior manager at Samsung Developers, about the future being about multiple screens. For instance, being able to alternate from your television to your mobile device. Companies are already experimenting and looking into it.

Doran also went on to say Nintendo should be worried right now with mobile’s growing technology and popularity, but was confident about Sony’s PlayStation 4′s strength. “…it dwarfs what can be done on mobile today,” he said. – Gamezmentor

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