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Home Decor Ideas for Easter

Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Home Decorating IdeasEster is followed by 40 days fasting so the very special day needs marvelous pomp and show. People who are looking for Easter decorating ideas can follow these unique ideas to add novelty and more festivity to the event. To make your event attractive and different follow these Easter decorating ideas.

Easter Decorating Ideas

• Easter Bunny Sweet Festival

You only need simple color pages, toothpicks and glue to make the little bunnys. Draw the shapes of bunnys, cut them and paste on tooth picks. Plant these bunny sticks on cup cakes or on desert bowls. These cheerful decorations can prepare quickly due to their simple construction. To bring more festive cheer to your dessert table, march the rabbits across your artificial garland, or use them to offer sneak peeks into gift bags to the friends and family. It can be a cheerful gift of Easter.

• Easter Bouquets

On the festival of Easter people pay attention on flower arrangements but have you ever think to do some experiments with your Easter bouquets? Let’s do something different, decorate your cake stand with the help of egg cups as flower holders. Place fresh little flowers in cups and place them on ckae stand. It would be a refreshing attraction on your serving table.

• Hold your Table Cloth with Style

Table cloth is essential but not the object of noticeable attention. To make your Easter food table more attractive you can use a plastic egg filled with jelly beans to anchors your tablecloth; gingham ribbon is secured to give a hold around the egg with hot glue and threaded through a whole corner that has been punched in the tablecloth. These plastic filled eggs are easily available in the market. If you are not willing to spend money you can make them at your home with the help of plaster of pares and paints. Need the plaster of pares and give shapes of eggs. Paint them when they get dry. You can use different color range to paint them. With the help of ribbon knot them in table cloth corner.

• Easter Buckets

Give the shape of Easter Bucket as a nest of fresh grass. It would be very unique to decorate the bucket with eggs and grass needles to fox them. Cover the dry artificial nest with fresh green grass. Small size of eggs and little doves place over there to fill the space. Use dry flowers and ribbons of neutral colors to hold the flower and eggs. Place this fabulous bucket on the center table in the drawing room. You can also place it on the dining table.

• Egg Garden

On the very special morning greet your family with the beautiful arrangement of egg garden on your serving table. For this you need only egg cups, napkins, and fresh grass from your garden. Use the napkins of flower or fresh grass patterns, if you don’t have use the skills of your little artists (kids) it would be a great fun for them and a big help for you. Put these napkins on the serving table, use some match box or the decoration pieces to break the plain effects. Put grass into the egg cups and place real or artificial eggs in cups. Place these cups on divers space, lit some candles to highlight your egg garden. To make it more sizzling you can use little toys to attract the younger ones and can create a scene with decoration pieces.

• Easter Gift Decoration

Apart from Easter decorating ideas for home, you should put attention on the way to great your family and friends with gifts. Make some nest buckets and use eggs instead of cards to write greetings and place your gift into the bucket.

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