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Meghan Markle ‘Cut Off’ From $10 Million Royal Allowance By Kate Middleton?

Is Kate Middleton threatening to cut Meghan Markle off? That’s what one tabloid was claiming this time last year.

One year ago, the Globe reported that Kate Middleton had given Meghan Markle an ultimatum. If Markle didn’t stop speaking “vile public lies,” Middleton would see to cutting the duchess off from her $10 million royal allowance.

According to the report, Markle had been handling her finances irresponsibly and been speaking extensively against Middleton behind her back. If Markle didn’t change her behavior, Middleton was prepared to act, the report continued ominously.

Not only had Markle not been speaking ill of Middleton, but Middleton has absolutely no authority over the royal finances. Cutting someone off would be in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II, or her direct heir, Prince Charles. Not a word of this article was factual.

In the time since the article was published, it’s become all the more apparent that it was bogus. Markle and Prince Harry have further distanced themselves from the crown and cut themselves off from the royal coin. All this time later, it’s clear Middleton had no say over Markle’s finances.

Time and common sense have disproved this claim, but more like it pop up every day. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to believe anything the tabloids have to say about the royals. If Markle was wrecking the royal finances or caught in a nasty feud with Middleton, there would certainly be more evidence. Instead, these magazines rely on the word of dubious royal insiders.

This was far from the first time the tabloids speculated on Markle’s finances. Not long ago, a tabloid claimed Markle and Prince Harry had stolen $35 million from the royal family, which Gossip Cop easily disproved. Tabloids have also claimed Markle had demanded $90 million in a payout from the royal family. Of course, there was no truth to the claims.

Furthermore, the tabloids love to speculating Markle and Middleton are feuding. There have been reports that Middleton feels she needs protection after Markle’s Oprah interview. Additionally, the tabloids have made the ridiculous claim that Middleton would be testifying against Markle in her lawsuit against a British tabloid. Clearly, this report is one of many attempts for tabloids to stir up some royal drama.

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