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Melania Trump’s latest Donald ‘snub’ is ‘probable’ sign of ‘imminent divorce’

Melania Trump’s latest apparent snub to husband Donald is a “probable” sign of “imminent divorce”, a relationship expert has claimed.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.443.0_en.html#goog_1586004046

Rumours of the pair divorcing have been swirling for some time, with many taking aim at the couple’s relationship.

Such was the intensity of the speculation last year, one of Melania’s pals spoke out and blasted the suggestion as “pathetic”.

But now more fuel has been added to the fire, with the former First Lady’s latest decision not to attend a public event with her husband of 16 years.

The ex-US President appeared a Super Bowl party at his Trump International Golf Club in Florida on Sunday, but Melania was not present despite having gone in previous years.

Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs during the game, which Mr Trump only watched until the half-time show.

A video of Mr Trump arriving at the golf club showed him entering the club dressed formally, wearing a navy suit and a blue tie, and without his wife, The WashingtonExaminer reports.

Melania’s absence prompted “rumours of domestic discontentment” among guests at this year’s party, The Critic magazine reported.

However, Melania has been keeping a low-profile since leaving the White House and the horrific Capitol Hill riots which left five dead.

And this week she also removed all of her Instagram posts – except her White House farewell message.

Pascale Lane, a Therapeutic Relationship and Life Coach, the founder of the Surviving to Thriving programme and author of How to be Happy in Life and Love: A guide to living the life you Deserve, believes this could be a sign the couple could soon split.

She told the Daily Star: “I reckon Melania is a shrewd woman. Not only has she been married to Trump for the past 15 or so years but she seems to be pretty headstrong and self-assured.

“It takes a pretty ballsy woman to knock away the attempted hand-hold of the US President on official visits, in front of the whole world to see and comment on.

“Is her lack of appearance at the Super Bowl party a sign of marital discontent? Yes, I would almost certainly say it is.

“Does this mean a separation is imminent? I’m not so sure… I would lean toward probable, but I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal. People stay in unhappy marriages for all sorts of reasons, often, but not exclusively, to do with financial status and lifestyle.

“My guess would be that divorcing a man like Donald Trump would leave Melania without the opulent lifestyle she is accustomed to. Let’s not forget that she married this man in 2005; their history goes considerably further back than his presidency.

“There could well be an opportunity now for her to say she has ‘done her bit’ but I suspect Melania is one lady who does her own thing in her own way, regardless of the status of her husband. I would presume they have led separate lives for many years now.”

Emma Davey, Relationship Expert and Founder of MyTraumaTherapy.co.uk agrees that Melania may have found it difficult to attend the party because of rumoured trouble behind the scenes.

She told Daily Star: “For many years Melania has been playing a “role” very much like a job description of being the First Lady.

“She had duties she had to fulfil in front of millions of people, with a smile on her face no matter what mood she was in, or what was happening in the relationship.

“We can’t say what has gone on behind the scenes, but it’s challenging for most people, who are having troubles in their relationship, to put on a united front and wear a smile at a social gathering.

“It’s difficult to pretend you’re happy and everything is great in your relationship, when deep down you just want to scream.

“You can tell by their body language they’re uncomfortable with one another. It looks from the outside like she was very much trapped in her role. She may now see her duties, of being his wife, are coming to an end. She can now start to get her identity back by making her own decisions and doing the things she wants to do.”

Meanwhile, Melania, who married Trump in 2005, has previous said she has “a great relationship” with Donald, who is 24 years her senior.

He has insisted that they never argue.

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