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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle struck down in epic blow: ‘These are seismic changes’

Experts have come forward to deliver a rather hurtful blow regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s plans to reform social media.

Even though Prince Harry previously issued a plea to the people, asking for “more compassionate approach and tone when you post or comment,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes the couple’s plans for social media reformation will be hard to achieve.

During his interview with the Daily Star Mr. Fitzwilliams was quoted saying, “You’re talking about seismic changes, and it’s very difficult to change social media. It’s very difficult to change the trolling which is so appalling it.”

“It’s not a time when you can easily measure somebody’s actual influence … they’ve done quite a lot virtually but a lot of things are on hold for everybody. We’ll see how significant their brand is, but they have the contacts, they have the particular deals. They obviously feel they don’t need social media.”

He concluded by saying, “If for any other reason they were in the future to think they did – or social media were to alter sufficiently to make them believe that they would be at ease returning – obviously they would.”

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