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Prince Harry ‘copying Meghan Markle and developing laid back American accent’

Prince Harry is developing an American accent and mimicking Meghan Markle’s way of speaking, a language expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex settled down in California, the US, last year after their dramatic departure from the Royal Family.

As part of a deal with Spotify, Harry and Meghan released a new podcast called Archewell Audio, named after their son.

In the first episode, there are supposedly hints that Harry’s accent is changing.

Jennifer Dorman, a sociolinguist at language learning app Babbel, told Cosmopolitan: “The expression ‘You guys’ comes up, an American phrase that Harry used to address listeners in both the podcast teaser and during the podcast.

“In the premiere episode, he even uses the typically American term ‘awesome’ – something which elicits a giggle from his American wife when used.”

She continued: “Harry says things like ‘love always wins’ and ‘the power within us’: two very positive, uplifting phrases which many of us would associate with the optimistic attitude of our cousins over the pond.”

Jennifer claims that adopting local accents “increases comprehension and social connection with the people around us”, and that Harry is “developing a more laid back, American way of speaking”.

However, she reassured royal fans that Harry is unlikely to ditch his English accent entirely.

Jennifer continued: “Think of the likes of Simon Cowell, Adele and Gordon Ramsay – they’ve spent significant amounts of time living and working in the United States, but have retained their accents and a largely British way of speaking and interacting with the world.

“It’s likely Harry will go down that path.”

Earlier this month, Harry and Meghan sent out thank you cards to fans who took the time to write to them at Christmas.

The royal couple included a dressed-down picture of them taken during their October 2018 trip to Australia.

The trip took them to Dubbo, Sydney, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand over a 16-day period.

It was shared on Twitter by royal fan account GertsReplies, who said the card had arrived in the post on Tuesday, February 2 2021.

On the back of the envelope, the couple’s monogram was printed, while a thank you message sent on behalf of the royal couple on the reverse.

It read: “‘Thank you for your thoughtful message. We appreciate your kind words and the time you have taken to write to us on this special occasion.

“Sending you our warmest wishes. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

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