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Cardi B Was Happier When She Had Less Money: “I Feel Like The World Owns Me”

Popular rap star Cardi B feels that fame changed her appetite and she has never felt so hungry when she was broke.

“Why am I always so hungry ?! I swear I was never this hungry when I went broke,” tweeted the rapper.

Cardi B recently shared that she was happier before finding fame.

Cardi B said, “I feel a little happier than I had less money two or three years ago. I had fewer people who had ideas about my life. I felt my life was mine Now I feel like I don’t even own my life. I feel that the world has me “”

He also shared that he was inspired by things and people that exist outside of the celebrity world.

“My role models are the people around me who I see working. For example, my mother would come home from work and start cooking right away, ”he said.

Cardi B added, “I’m a fan of my daughter’s home too, right? He would rob. As soon as he got home at five or six in the morning, he would count the singles, get his son ready for school, and take him to school. “”

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