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Brad Pitt files a lawsuit and accuses Angelina Jolie of trying to cut him out of a deal involving Chateau Miraval

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s legal battle continues and in a recent development, it has been reported that Pitt’s company, Mondo Bongo, has sued Jolie’s company, Nouvel, claiming that she tried to cut him out of a lucrative deal to offload her shares in Chateau Miraval, their French estate and winery. According to Entertainment Tonight, fresh documents were filed in Luxembourg that show Mondo Bongo is suing Nouvel to annul a transfer of Quimicum shares. 

For the unreversed, Quimicum owns and controls Chateau Miraval, the former couple’s estate and winery which is reportedly worth USD 164 million. The estate also happens to be the same place where the couple tied the knot in 2014. 

It has been reported by Page Six that as part of their initial agreement, the former couple had agreed to ask each other for permission if they ever wanted to sell their shares for the estate, and Pitt’s company has now accused Jolie of trying to sell her shares without giving Pitt right of first refusal.

As per the court documents obtained by ET, Jolie has been accused of “systemic obstruction,” and state, “it is worth mentioning that, for the last four years, Nouvel [Jolie’s company] did not act in the best interest of Quimicum by systematically delaying the approval of the annual accounts and the renewal of the manager.” 

Jolie and Pitt are also involved in a rather messy custody battle involving their six children as well. Recently in an interview with The Guardian, Jolie opened up about her divorce from Pitt and made a rare statement where she mentioned that she feared for her children’s safety during her marriage. 

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