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Turkish Culture and The Modern Lifestyle

Turkish Culture

Turkey, former Ottoman Empire, is Muslim country. Unlike Iran, it is not very religious oriented but the traditions and culture of Turkey reflects the impression of Islam. Unlike many Islamic countries,

Turkey Culture

Turkey is a beautiful blend of modernism and traditionalism. We can find a large majority of the Muslims and at the same time significant number of non-Muslims living together in a great peace and prosperity.

After the Turkish revolution led by Mustafa Kemal, the country has been making progress on secular lines. However, the people are still religious in their orientation and aspirations. It would be interesting to note that after the fall of Ottoman Empire, Turkey presented beautiful and practical amalgam of Turkish culture and modern western life style. The principal of Secularism and Modernism in the Turkish constitution are the basis on which the building of Modern and Cultural Turkey is established. Turkish culture is very rich and very modern. Unlike many other countries of the world, Turkish culture is rich in history, literature, civilization and social norms and values.

Secularism and Democratic values:

Turkish culture is rich in its practice of respecting opponents’ point of view. Since the time of Ottoman Empire, Turkish people were very democratic and are of broad mind. It has been seen by the history that even the Caliph were Muslim, even then Turkey has many habitants which are from different religions. Turkish culture has secularism and is democratized in its basis. Turkish culture has been very modern in this regard. These modern practices of socialism, secularism and democracy were long held by the Turkish culture.

Liberty, Equality and Freedom of Expression:

Turkish culture is rich in the said modern qualities of ideal life. It would be interesting to note that the principles like Liberty of the individual, equality of gender and Freedom of expression has been practiced in the Turkish culture from longer period of time than that of other Muslim countries. Turkish culture is very flexible and is able to deal with the changing fashion and modern trends of the world. At times, friendship between boy and girl was conceived odd, but now there are many families in Turkey who are establishing new Turkish culture by allowing such liberty to their kids so that they can enjoy their share of life.


Turkish culture is rich in hospitality. In the modern ways of life, the Turkish culture has kept its aspect. It would be interesting note that the hospitality of the Turkey is entirely different from its neighboring countries in Europe or Asia. Here in Turkey, you will find unimaginable respect and honor being a guest. This hospitality is the part of modern life style and demands a large number of sophistication but Turkish culture is rich in this regard. The customs of treating guests well is the gift of Islam to the Turkish culture and Turkish people have taken good care of it.

Turkish culture and Food:

Turkish Food

Turkish culture is renowned as one of the best foods in the world. Like all other aspects, Turkish culture also assumes peculiar position in the world’s food recipes. It would be interesting to note that Turkish culture and Turkish food has its huge fan following throughout the world. Furthermore, Turkish food recipes are very modern and reflects the modern life style because many traditional dishes are oriented in modern way and many modern dishes has been customized to Turkish culture.

Turkish Fashion and Media Industry:

Turkish Fashion

Since Turkish culture is rich in arts, tradition and literature, therefore, Turkish fashion and media industry is not less the any developed fashion industry of the world. Now days, there are many Turkish dramas that are translated in different languages and are seen in different countries of the world. No doubt, Turkish culture is Islam oriented but still it is more modern than Arab countries in different aspects like democracy, liberalism, secularism and economic freedom.

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