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The Great Wall of China

the great wall of china

the great wall of chinaThe only earthly object visible from the moon was a series of brick and earthen fortifications that were built in northern china originally to protect the empire from intrusions by various nomadic groups.

Categorized as perhaps the oldest man made wonder, dating back to the 5th century B.C this structure is the symbol of the devotion, determination and mere grit as in the stone age with the absence of machinery and technology, such a magnanimous entity was erected solely by hand.

The Qin Shu huang and the Ming Dynasty played roles in the wall which has about 4000 miles worth of walkways and various other tributaries, however the actual extent of the physical barrier extends beyond the walls to water ways and mountains and hence the entire length of the defensive backdrop is uncalculated.

The Great Wall of China was a constantly varying structure that had been personalized to fit the use of a particular dynasty at a time. It was constructed, fabricated and then re fabricated to suit the needs of whatever dynasty followed.

A few sections of the wall that are serving as tourist resorts and are constantly being renovated are the north and the west pass of the wall respectively. Apart from the passes, there are various watch towers and gateways which are also present and haven’t yet succumbed to the deplorable weather conditions.

While the Great Wall of China, has for centuries been included as the greatest of all man made wonders, the human nature, irrefutable to its instincts have not even spared such a glorious structure. Much of the wall is prone to vandalism and graffiti.

Many of the parts have been destroyed to support nearby construction and while the wall once stood for its glory in defense and as a symbol of strength and the first line of defense against intruders, it later fell to only being a symbol of Cantonese and Mandarin culture, however with Chinas raging population and its racing economy, the fate of the devastated or the glorified parts of the great wall are still unknown.

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