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National Museum of Roman Art Merida, Spain

national museum of roman art merida spain

national museum of roman art merida spainThis beautiful artistic piece, built on an excavated site exhibits beautiful mosaics, ceramics, pottery, jewellery and coins. National museum of Roman Art is close to the city’s Roman theater and amphitheater where you can find objects from the time of Roman civilization.

National museum of Roman Art is just like vestiges of great civilization where you can see beautiful artistic work of tombstones, glassware, ceramics, paintings, coins and mosaic. This masterpiece was designed by a famous architect Rafael Moneo Vallés who created a museum dedicated exclusively to Roman art and culture.

This museum was stumbled upon ruins and a building modified to incorporate a road that escort to Rome. The idea behind National Museum of Roman Art was to create a museum dedicated exclusively to art and roman culture in Mérida that exceeds the local and regional level.

Art and culture always act as an identity for a nation and this art work is undoubtedly a major traditional icon. National Museum of Roman Art is among various interventions promoted in recent years concerning arts and culture for visitors. It has some precious statues including the head of Augustus and pieces from Mérida’s forum which attract visitors from around the world.

National Museum of Roman art is Infact becoming the first research center of the Roman world in Spain and a meeting place for communication and cultural diffusion. Its artwork is undoubtedly a traditional standpoint figurative where you return to past terms techniques, contents and meanings without forgetting present.

This famous art piece offers a synthesis of life in one of the main attractions of Mérida which has been awarded the World Heritage designation by the UNESCO. National museum of Roman art shows all aspects of everyday life with a marvelous display of emblematic items including mosaics, sculptures, epigraphs and credentials. This red brick building located on an excavated site is among some of the treasured sites of art and culture that receive a large number of visitors from around the world.

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