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8 Secrets you Should Know about Arab Culture

Arab Culture Secrets

Arab Culture SecretsArab culture is really fascinating. It refers to areas where the language Arabic is spoken. Mostly the area covered by this vast Arab culture is the western Asia and North Africa, extending from Morocco to Arabian Sea.

When we speak of the poignant Arab culture, we need to know that it is divided into three main parts, the urban culture (Al-Hadar), the rural culture (Al-Reef), and the Nomad culture (Al-badow). All these together make the vast Arab culture.

People, who take keen interest in knowing regarding various cultures, will find the Arab culture very captivating and different. The 8 secrets you should know about the Arab culture are as follows:

1. Mullaqat which means ‘The suspended odes” or “The hanging poems”, is the name given to the series of seven Arabic poems, also known as qaisada,that have originated before the time of Islam. The poetry written is about the seven author’s lives and tribe politics. It was written on pre-Islamic times to advertise the strength of tribe kings, wealth and people.

2. Any culture without music is incomplete. Similarly much opposed to the popular belief that Arabs are very conservative. The Arab culture consists of music but theirs is more homophonic rather than harmonic. They focus more on melody and rhythm. Therefore overall it is melodious.

3. People enjoy reading magazines there but most magazines cannot be published without a government issued license. Although Arab world has the least number of magazines due to their strict rules. But the good part is that magazines that are directed towards women gear do exist.

4. Did you know that social loyalty is of utmost importance in Arab culture.One of the greatest lessons taught in Arab culture is of family faithfulness. They emphasis on the most important member of the family being mother. Who gave birth and has sleepless nights to raise her child. They lecture their children on the importance of displaying group consistency, being good towards relatives despite the differences and to defend each other.

5. The traditional dress of Arabs is the full black dress known as “hijab” super aided with a veil. A lot of people stereo type women in Arabic countries to be veiled and oppressed by women. Well that’s not. In countries like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt wearing a veil is a choice upon the women. While in other countries women wear it just to save them selves from some religious fanatics who pretend to be the guardians of Islam.

6. A couple of things that are highly forbidden in the Arab culture are to shake hands with a woman by a man. You cannot stare or maintain eye- contact with a woman. Also do not touch, hit-on or talk until its business related. Talking to men is strictly prohibited in the Arab culture.

7. Admitting “I don’t know” is distasteful to the arabs.Constructive criticism can be taken as an insult. Even though the Arab culture encourage kinship and bonding but certain things are unbearable for them.

8. When it comes to food. The Arab culture although encourages cooking delicious meals on most occasions. However they are prohibited to eat pork. The meat is cut through a proper Quranic ritual. Their staple diet consists of the pita bread .The lamb is the most widely used meat in the Arab culture. The most important thing in the Arab culture while eating is to accept things from the right hand and eat from the right hand only.

These eight interesting facts about the vast Arab culture are worth knowing. Surely the Arab culture has some valued principles and ethics.

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