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The Art and Culture of the Ancient Egypt

the art and culture of the ancient egypt

the art and culture of the ancient egyptThe Egyptian antiquities are famous for their rich art and culture. They had a wonderfully advanced art and culture that depicted their lifestyles tremendously. The art and culture of the Egyptian antiquities was a true picture of their ideal lifestyle.

The ancient Egyptian antiquities used their sense of art in the buildings, tombs, their utensils, jewelry, pottery and other decorations. They used to make beautiful paintings on the buildings. The people of ancient Egyptian antiquities had developed architecture, glassware, metal-work and other arts and crafts.

The people of ancient Egyptian antiquities were highly fond of art and culture. They used ceramic instead of clay to create figures and shapes mostly of the pharaohs. They had a huge influence of religion in their works. Most of the figures of those days were of the gods, goddesses and the late pharaohs. They used clear and simple lines with flat areas and a few colors to create the figures and keep a proportion in their sizes. The artists of the ancient Egyptian antiquities kept a political reference in their work as well. They used the sizes of the figures to refer to the position of the person. For instance, the figure of the Pharaoh was made the largest and that of god even bigger.

They have also made the drawings of the time lines of the ancient antiquities. These time lines show their brief life histories, dance and parties, mummification, their gods visiting the Pharaoh, their clothing and much more. These drawing of the ancient Egyptian antiquities have helped a lot in understanding the history and gathering the facts.

The people of ancient Egyptian antiquities used color to mention their art work more precisely. They used dark reddish brown color to show body of the man and light yellowish-brown color to show that of a woman. They used other colors that had symbolic meanings in their art and culture. They used mainly six colors in their works of art:

  • White – White represented purity, power and greatness, a sacred color
  • Black – Black represented death and the night
  • Red – Red represented life and victory. It was also used to convey anger
  • Yellow – Yellow was often used to represent gold and therefore used to convey that the subject was imperishable and indestructible. The eternal color used to depict the sun god
  • Blue – Blue represented water, the sky, life, fertility and re-birth
  • Green – Green was the color of vegetation and represented new life

People of ancient Egyptian antiquities paid special attention to their art and culture. That is why it was taught to the students to pass on the expertise. The students had to work very hard in order to master the arts and crafts. The master would make the student make the same drawing again and again until the exact image is reproduced.

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