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Amazing Art of Women Body Painting

Art of Women Body Painting

Body PaintingWomen body painting is temporary and it is also known as a temporary tattoo. It is done on the human skin. It is a form of body art in which the full body of a person is painted with different colors and designs. Body painting is great as it is temporary, painless to apply and remove.

History of body painting

All the forms of body art present today appeared in the ancient times and were started by the ancient people. It has been an important part of rituals dating back hundreds of years. People used art of body painting to show the creativity and the mental ability only humans possess because they believed that the body art represents them as humans and makes them different from animals. They also used body painting to highlight the differences between the groups and to communicate ideas.

After painting bodies, the group members would lose the feeling of pain and fear. Decorating the body with paints was an excellent way of expressing the culture. People used to paint their body with specific symbols and themes that were also found on their weapons, carvings etc. The tribes often used painting during ceremonies. For them, every color had its unique meaning.

In this modern era, the art of body painting is used to gain the attention of people during political campaigns, rallies and protests. It is also used by people to express their feelings. It is used for self-expression. The art of body painting is used to say anything that words alone cannot express, it is also a great way of making the presentation more attractive.

Famous celebrities with body painting

Women body painting is a great art of expressing without exposing any part of the body. A skilled artist can turn a woman into a living canvas. Body painters also paint the bodies of celebrities to show their creativity. Here is a list of some famous celebrities for women body painting:

  • Kim Kardashian posed in body paint for different magazines.
  • Paris Hilton got her body painted for one of her advertising campaigns.
  • Heidi Klum posed in body paint for Sports Illustrated in a retro-glamorous swim suit.
  • Rebecca Romijn played the role of Mystique in “X-Men” with her painted body.
  • Pop singer Rihanna got her body painted with silver color for her video shoot.

Famous body painters

  • Joanne Gair is a talented, skilled and famous body painter. She has done body painting of many popular models.
  • Genevieve “Jinny” Houle is a great body painter. She amazed everyone with her great work of colorful body art creations.

Body Painting Festivals

There are many body painting festivals that occur every year around the world. These festivals include competition among people. Some of them are:

  • The US body painting festival which takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This festival includes a body painting competition. It is also known as New Mexico body painting festival.
  • The UK body painting festival takes place in Ashford, UK. It is popular as a family event and people go there to see the creativity of different body painters and artists.
  • The international body painting festival takes place in Mainz, Germany. People go there to see the stunning artistic work of body painters.
  • The world body painting festival, takes place in Seeboden, Austria. It is a famous and large event for which people travel to Seeboden. This festival showcases the outstanding work of great artists.
  • The Canadian body painting festival takes place in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This event includes the Canadian body painting championships. The event is themed every year, which means a new theme is decided every year by the organizers. It is known for the best artistic work seen here.

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