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The Story of Bauhaus Art

Bauhaus Art

Bauhaus ArtBauhaus is a modern day art which started from a German art school and it speaks about the modern day era by combing the history with the daily life trends. It is indeed one of the remarkable art forms in arts and culture as it focuses on the freedom, functionality and practicality of life.

It is said that arts and culture have a close linkage with the history and that is pretty much what Bauhaus art explains too. Bauhaus art has its roots deep down into Germany and it started during the early 1900’s at a German arts and culture school. Later on, the Bauhaus art took many twists and turns in itself with the changing world, wars, and political regimes and became one of the most popular modern era art forms in arts and culture.

The concept of Bauhaus art is unique in the sense that it amalgamates arts and culture with the changing technological needs and the socio-economic ups and downs. Bauhaus art started during the times when world history took major turning points for the modern era and Bauhaus art molded itself with the changing times. In fact, the Bauhaus school of arts and culture provided a motivation for bringing out creativity through Bauhaus art in everyday lifestyle through the use of medieval era arts and culture stories.

Something interesting about the Bauhaus art is that it breaks the traditional boundaries of arts and culture that emphasize on fine arts and it focuses on theoretical and intellectual sites by taking into account the practicality and technical skills from the daily life and making them a part of arts and culture.

Today, the Bauhaus art is considered to be the building block of the modern visual arts in arts and culture and graphic designing, interior designing, industrial designing etc have their roots in Bauhaus art which is one of the most renowned form of art in arts and culture.

The school of Bauhaus art created by Walter Gropius is considered to be the “cathedral of design” as it brought a wave of revolution in the arts and culture of the world.  The faculty of Bauhaus art school is still remembered with great honor today as each member of the Bauhaus art school did unique contributions to the field of arts and culture. Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Marcel Breuer are a few of the top names in faculty of Bauhaus art school.

In order to preserve the modern art like the Bauhaus art which has such rich history and background that brought revolution in arts and culture, it is important to understand the importance of Bauhaus art and promote it in every possible way. Bauhaus art speaks about freedom, practicality and functionality which is something which we all look for in art pieces today as it matches with our lifestyles. The world created by Bauhaus art is truly unique and has its own niche in arts and culture which requires applauding, loving and promoting Bauhaus art as an important part of arts and culture in the modern day era.

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