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Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Northwest Museum of Arts

Northwest Museum of ArtsNorthwest Museum of Arts and Culture which is accredited by the American Association of Museums is located in Spokane; Washington. MAC (Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture) has an audiovisual display of Spokane history as well as Native American collection. Some exhibitions and events of MAC are discussed in this article.

Past Exhibitions

Dress Code:

This exhibition was ended in April 30,2011which highlights that how effectively fashion plays role in women’s domestic, social and professional lives. For many concepts clothing was drawn from MAC collection which is permanently available there for exhibitions. This exhibition was nominated by the Washington Museum Association Board for the Award of Exhibit Excellence.

Line of Sight:

An exhibit consisted of lavishly unique books on Western and Eastern religion and mystical traditions, astronomy, particle physics, cartography and alchemy by Mr. Timothy C. Ely was held in Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture which was ended in April 16, 2011. Ely is one of most important but less known artists. Ely was awarded a prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, and has lectured at the New York Public Library, the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Matters of Priority:

This was a juried art exhibition which was collaboration between the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture and Terrain, a grassroots, non-profit organization having objective of promoting art. In this exhibition artist has elaborated the relationship and priorities of need and want of an individual and the society simultaneously. This exhibition was ended in January 7, 2012

Current and Up Coming Exhibitions

Uncommon Gifts:

This exhibition which is going to held from March 10 to July 21, 2012 highlights the paintings, drawings and ceramic works of seven artists represented in the MAC’s permanent collection. Uncommon Gifts celebrates the compliment of the newly added works to the already established collection. Many of the works included in this exhibition are gifts and but others are donated and purchased in recent years.

Educational Goals:

This exhibition which is in progress now days in MAC is based on the research of Dr. Abigale Housen’s Aesthetic Stages of Development. The purpose of this exhibition is to set and achieve the educational goals in a more effective manner. School partnerships will be with Roosevelt and Linwood Elementary through Spokane Public Schools.


20th Annual Friendship Dance:

This year’s Friendship Dance held in MAC on February 25, 2012 marked the twentieth consecutive year in which region’s Plateau Tribes have gathered to share and teach their traditional dances to the participants and viewers. Drumming, Dancing, Singing and Music for the whole family are available to enjoy.

The Friendship Dance was originally sponsored by Cheney Cowles Museum, with donations from local small businesses and the tribes and, at first, focused on the traditional songs and dances of the Spokane Tribe. In fact it was the wish of many elders of the tribes to have a winter dance without focusing on the traditional dancing in order to educate the general population about traditional dance and music.

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