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Outrage Erupts as Woman Strikes a Pose, Ignoring Injured Victim Behind Her!

Woman Pose Ignoring Injured Victim

Social media users are criticizing a Chinese woman for taking a selfie with an unconscious person in the background during a tour of a state park.

What happened: A video that has become widely shared on Douyin shows a woman filmed by another tour-goer smiling as she takes the selfie. Behind her, a motionless woman lying face down by a stream can be seen.

The incident occurred at Xihui Park in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, according to What’s On Weibo.

The unconscious woman, who was visiting the scenic area as a domestic tourist, was reportedly filming a video on her phone before she accidentally fell into a ditch.

The aftermath: A video taken after the incident shows rescuers placing the injured tourist on a stretcher and carefully taking her away. She was reportedly brought to the hospital.

What people are saying: Several Chinese social media users have criticized the selfie-taking woman for her actions, with one user reportedly writing, “What is wrong with her? How could she treat this as a tourist attraction?”

Taiwanese comedian Huang An commented on the incident on Weibo on Friday to criticize the actions of woman.

Other social media users reportedly called the woman “terrifying” and “heartless.”

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