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Mum Hannah Skerritt does 17 jobs in 24 hours

Hannah Skerritt

Mum Hannah Skerritt reveals her hectic schedule being a wife, mother, cook, cleaner and taxi driver. WOMEN are famous for their ability to multi-task, but recent stats suggest mothers are taking on at least 14 different jobs in ONE DAY. The average mum has a hectic 16-hour schedule packed with roles including wife, mother, cook, cleaner, dog walker and taxi driver. This may sound like a ridiculous amount of work but as many mums know, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hannah Skerritt Multi Tasking Mom

Hannah Skerritt, 37, is married to Dave, 44, a construction worker, and is mum to seven-year-old Darragh. She considers herself an average mum — although she manages to take on SEVENTEEN different roles in 24 hours. Hannah, from Rochester, Kent, says: “A typical day starts at 6am as I get Darragh clothed, fed and ferried off to breakfast club before school at 7.30am. “Then at 8am, I start my part-time job as a recruitment consultant.

Hannah Skerritt with Husband

“My husband will then pick up Darragh from breakfast club and take him to school. “As soon as the clock strikes 2pm, I dash away from my desk to pick up Darragh from school at 3pm, before getting the dinner started and the family dog taken for a walk. “I also have to look after the allotment and animals we have there. “We have a farmyard of chickens and vegetables at the moment. Last year we grew green beans, onions, potatoes and sweetcorn. When I took it on, I had romantic notions of me and Darragh digging and planting together. The reality is he gets bored within about four seconds so it’s all down to me now.”

Hannah Skerritt Pictures

A few nights a week Hannah will taxi her son and his mates to roller skating, swimming lessons, karate and Beavers. She says: “The car is disgusting. It’s covered in mud from wellies and jumpers dumped after the latest bike riding trip. “Unsurprisingly, I never find time to clean it.” Although Hannah is pulled from pillar to post she says every day is an adventure.

Hannah Skerritt with Son

She says: “Even the boring stuff like walking home from school can be a barrel of laughs. “You never know what is going to happen and kids have a funny way of brightening up the most mundane of tasks. In the evening I love reading with Darragh. “Watching his expression when he gets lost in another world is brilliant and it’s a great feeling when you have taught them something new.” From teacher to baker, Hannah even likes to make fresh cakes when she has the chance.

“Everyone loves indulging in a homemade cake, and even though it’s exhausting I love making a treat for the family,” With barely any down time, a friend suggested they join an evening class, so one night a week Hannah booked herself up for a sewing course. Helen adds: “I didn’t think I’d find time for it, but since then I have been making curtains, blinds and cushions whenever I can. “Our camper van is covered in beanbags that I have made for the kids too.”

Although Hannah struggles to get seven hours’ sleep a night she is still an avid social networker and is constantly organising parties for friends and family. Hannah says: “I don’t think I do anything abnormal if I’m honest. “Mums are just so busy these days. “At least I can never moan that I am bored.”

Hannah’s daily schedule

Actual jobs

Part-time recruitment consultant

Domestic roles




Taxi driver

Teacher – help son with homework



Party planner

First aider


Social networker (Facebook/Twitter)


Dog walker

Source: Thesun

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