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Whoopi Goldberg asks crew for help during a weird Tim Scott interview: “I have to go to break”

Whoopi Goldberg Tim Scott interview
Photo: The View / YouTube

Thanks to Republican senator and 2024 presidential candidates Tim Scott, Jameela Jamil’s investigation into malicious farts has been dethroned as The View’s strange interview of the year.

According to yahoo News, the panel welcomed the South Carolina lawmaker to the show for a multi-segment discussion on a variety of topics, including his ideas on racism in America after publicly clashing with longtime View cohost Joy Behar on the subject.

“When it comes to racial inequality, it persists in five core aspects in the United States,” Sunny Hostin said to Scott. “You have indicated that you don’t believe in systemic racism. What is your definition of systemic racism?”

As he defended his position, Hostin cut in to talk about homelessness in the Black community, to which Scott replied: “You had your chance to ask the question. I’ve watched you on the show. You like people to be deferential and respectful, so, I’m going to do the same thing.”

Shortly after the heated exchange, moderator Whoopi Goldberg attempted to throw the show to commercial, telling Scott, “I need an opportunity, because I have to go to break. They’re begging.” Scott resisted, telling the Oscar-winning Ghost actress that he was “just getting started” before rising from his chair. “I believe all people can see the success that I’ve had,” he said before catching himself and sitting back down. “Oh, oh, okay.”

When the show returned, Goldberg asked Scott about a resistance to stopping “the progress that people are making” in terms of racial equality.

While looking at Goldberg, Scott began to respond. Scott turned his back on Goldberg, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro when Hostin asked him to clarify on one of his thoughts.

“That was me talking to you, so I’d love that, shall I come next to her?” Goldberg said as she left her chair to sit next to Hostin. “Your back looks pretty damn good from here,” Navarro said to Scott, who didn’t turn around, but still flexed his right bicep at her.

As Scott continued to speak, Goldberg allegedly had issues switching the show to commercial, demanding help from the show’s staff.

“Go up and tell him. Go tell him!” Goldberg shouted from her post, and the crew member ran on stage to tell Scott to stop talking. “We have to go to commercial. We’ll come back. You’ll stick around,” the man said, to Scott’s seeming dismay.

When the panel returned for one more segment with Scott, Hostin could be heard saying, “We invited him on the show,” before Goldberg reminded them that they had returned from the break.

“We’re arguing over here, still, I apologize. We’re still arguing over here,” Scott said, though Hostin classified their conversation as a discussion, not an argument. “I thought it was a argument, but it was a discussion,” Scott said.

It was then Navarro’s turn to give Scott a question, and she took the opportunity to wish the audience a “Happy Pride” before asking the politician about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ ongoing struggle with Disney. The conflict arose as a result of the entertainment company’s resistance to the state’s controversial “Do not Say Gay” bill. The View audience began to boo when Scott said that LGBTQIA+ topics had “indoctrinated” people.

“Not here. I’m sorry, sir. Do not boo. This is The View,” Goldberg yelled to the audience. “We accept we don’t have to believe everything people say, but you can’t boo people here, please. You cannot do it.”

After Scott left, the ladies returned as if nothing had happened to promote artisan pretzels, grilling equipment, and socks.

The View airs new episodes on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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