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60-Year-Old Pulled 116,058 Strands of Head Hair To Knit Clothes For Husband

Chinese Woman Knit Clothes

A Chinese woman has knitted a cardigan and matching hat out of her own hair Xiang Renxian, 60, pulled 116,058 strands of hair from her head – she counted every single one – and weaved it into the coat and cap The 60-year-old from China’s Chongqing province spent 11 years collecting hair and working on the clothing.Xiang Renxian Own HairThe retired teacher said: ‘Throughout my youth I was always famous for my wonderful long hair, and as I grew older I realised that, just like my looks, my hair was losing its lustre ‘I wanted to find a way to preserve that, and came up with the idea of using it to create something for my husband.Retired Teacher Xiang Renxian Hair ‘It took a while to perfect the techniques, it was only when I was 49 that I started work on this project Over the next 11 years I counted all the hairs that I collected and used on the coat and so I know that I used 116,058, with the coat weighing 382.3g and the hat weighing 119.5g.Renxian Spent 11 years Once I got into the technique that I developed, it was actually not difficult to do, you just need patience and I knew that I had the time Whatever happens to my hair in the future, I now know that this will always be there as a reminder of my youth and the many good memories my husband and I shared in that time.Xiang Renxian Hair WeighsShe did not reveal her husband’s reaction to the unusual set of gifts When asked if the next item might be underwear for her husband, she replied: ‘This project is finished now, but I will carry on, I am just wondering what the next item will be.


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