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10 Most Powerful Women Celebrities

Most Powerful Female Celebrities

The most powerful women celebrities are not just the most glamorous women but they are also the hard working ones. They earn the respect and the power from their elegance and their hard work. The list of 10 most powerful women celebrities of 2012 specifically has to be from the Hollywood. The mind blowing supermodels, TV artists, singers and the most intellectual writes have made it to the 10 most powerful women in 2012. This article lists the 10 most powerful celebrities in descending order.

10. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Most Powerful Celebrity

The world’s most powerful and famous supermodel from the native Brazil has made to the list because of her stunning looks and her popularity. She has been the brand ambassador of some of the most popular brands and has gained money from her looks and her modeling skills. She has not just been the ambassador of the famous brands but she also scheduled some time for environmental programs along with some of the social work. She hasn’t been kind enough to her native land but she has been working internationally on goodwill for the betterment of the human race.

9. Jk Rowling

Jk Rowling Most Powerful Women Celebrity

Jk Rowling has been the most amazing woman among the celebrities because her intellectual capacity has left the reader and the producers of the movie in a different state of mind. The author is still earning a lot off the young wizard’s story. Many critics think that the movies haven’t done justice to her stories but she has been still been able to keep up with her fan following. She even was at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012.

8. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Most Powerful Celebrity

The lady isn’t just a pretty star but she is a favorite of all the audience of the television which makes her the highest-paid actress of television. She has managed to remain active and amazing at the same time for keeping up with the title of a powerful woman.

7. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Most Powerful Celebrity

This woman has won awards and has also been a goodwill ambassador for making a difference for the growing global crisis. Angelina Jolie is a mother of six and yet she has been capable of making men drool over her beauty and her work.

6.  Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Most Powerful Celebrity

The star executive producer of the daily talk-show has been one of the season’s most favorites and she made her place in the 10 most powerful celebrity women. The money she earns is what every man strives to earn but has been unable to be at that level because she has stole the place.

5. Shakira

Shakira Most Powerful Celebrity

Who doesn’t know her; most of us might have danced on her numbers. Although we wouldn’t have heard about her goodwill activities but we have established a specific liking for her. Ask any man about Shakira and he would just express how he is a die heart fan of the sensational lady.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Most Powerful Celebrity

The lady has been a powerful entertainer on the planet; she is a Latin performer and has successful fragrance and clothing lines. Who haven’t heard her voice? She is one of the most amazing singer and a very dedicated to being a social worker.

3. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles Most Powerful Celebrity

The lady sang a song “Girls (run the world)”, and she has managed to be the strong women of the year. This powerful female singer has made her place in the industry and has also did community service in the media to support a different cause.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Most Powerful Celebrity

Lady Gaga is best known for her unique sense of style. She is one of the singers who dare to be different. She isn’t just brave while experimenting with her work but she doesn’t ever hesitate to dress differently.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Most Powerful Celebrity

No other can beat the fame and intellect of this lady. She is now the queen of the media because she has now presented her own cable channel which brings people the entertainment and gives them a fair enough taste of the Oprah Winfrey’s fame. Everyone has to agree that she is a powerful woman.

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