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Catherine Middleton is humiliated by Prince William’s most recent decision with Prince Harry

Kate Middleton

According to a recent article, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, do not agree on everything. It has now been made public that the influential couple can’t agree on how to deal with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry has been speaking his truth to everyone who would listen to him in interviews or read his best-selling book Spare ever since resigning from his royal responsibilities.

The British royal and ex-soldier revealed the embarrassing truths of the Royal Family without holding anything back.
Prince Harry criticized King Charles III and Prince William for failing to take care of him over the years. Prince William, according to the Duke of Sussex, has serious anger management problems and is prone to violence when he doesn’t get his way.

Not even his former “loving” sister-in-law was spared by Prince Harry. The British soldier alleged that when Meghan Markle initially joined the Royal Family, Catherine, Duchess of Wales, did not welcome her or offer assistance.

Also, he revealed private text conversations that Middleton and Markle had exchanged throughout the turmoil surrounding the bridesmaid outfits. The anxious moment occurred while Prince Harry and Markle were getting ready for their royal nuptials.

Markle reportedly cried after the confrontation, according to Prince Harry. Middleton was accused of doing nothing when Prince Harry begged her to refute media reports that Markle was to blame for the future Queen of England’s tears.

The mother of three was revealed to have been devastated by the admissions made by her brother-in-law at the time. The disappointment and annoyance Kate Middleton feels toward her husband for not defending her image have finally been made public.

An insider spoke with OK! Middleton expressed her disappointment that Prince William did not address the criticisms and allegations made by Prince Harry. It affected Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship, the royal insider said, and she has grown increasingly irate that her husband hasn’t retaliated against his brother.

The source with knowledge of the circumstance continued, “Kate believed William should defend her more.
Yet, William and the Palace believed that keeping quiet was preferable. In support of Kate Middleton this week, a royal authority claimed that Prince William is incorrect to follow Queen Elizabeth’s archaic rule of “never complain, never explain.”

In an interview, author Alexander Larman stated: “I’m on record as saying they should have answered. I believe William ought to have offered a hand of brotherhood in his interview. The Royal Family has always lived by the adage “never complain, never explain,” and it has worked out quite well for them.

Yet, you do worry about how well it will work out in the long run when a member of the Royal Family doesn’t follow the same rules as you. Middleton is in an excellent company since King Charles chose not to stand up for Camilla, and Queen Consort after she was humiliated and crushed by Prince Harry.

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