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William and Harry had an ugly quarrel at the funeral of Prince Philip

William and Harry

The situation with the relationship between Princes Harry and William turned out to be much worse than previously thought.

According to the British historian Robert Lacey, at the funeral of Prince Philip, the presence at which, as it was claimed, was supposed to reconcile Harry with the royal family, there was a grand quarrel.

According to the Daily Mail, in front of the cameras at the ceremony, both brothers kept themselves in hand. They even exchanged harmless remarks in public. However, the situation soon changed.

“Near the Chapel of St. George, they began to quarrel again and were again ready to bite each other’s throats,” the historian stressed. According to him, they were seriously angry at each other, and their anger “became incredibly deep.”

William losing best friend Prince Harry

The brothers expressed to each other “too many harsh and hurtful things.” As a result, according to Lacey, the conflict between the sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is unlikely to end soon.

In addition, the expert clarified that the princes also did not meet with their father. Meanwhile, on July 1, the brothers will meet again at the opening of the monument to their mother. But even there, reconciliation is unlikely to happen.

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