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Wendy Williams’ Absence from Her Son Kevin Jr., 22, Due to Personal Struggles with Addiction and Health Challenges

Wendy Williams

According to exclusive sources from The U.S. Sun, Wendy Williams, the renowned television personality, has not seen her son Kevin Jr. for almost a year due to her ongoing battle with addiction and health issues.

Multiple insiders close to Wendy, 58, revealed that the mother-son relationship remains strained, with tensions escalating since her departure from rehab last year.

“One insider stated that Kevin is not in contact with his mother and that Wendy did not meet her son during her visit to Florida in April.” The source explained that until recently, Kevin was unaware that his mother was filming a new reality show about her life.

“She did not inform him about the documentary, and it was the production team who contacted Kevin’s attorney, revealing the news.” Another source claimed that Wendy last saw Kevin in July of the previous year when he flew to New York for her birthday. Their last conversation occurred while Wendy was still in rehab, and she did not reach out to him after her release.

Despite the challenging family situation, the first insider shared that Wendy’s son, affectionately known as Little Kev, is thriving. “He is doing really well, trying to stay focused, and moving forward with his life. He has returned to college and would have already graduated if he hadn’t taken time off last year to care for his mother.”

A representative for Wendy declined to comment on the matter. In a recent exclusive report by The U.S. Sun, Wendy’s trip to Florida was documented, where she filmed with her brother and father for an upcoming unscripted project. In an on-camera interview, Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, expressed his concerns about her mental state and his feelings towards her associates, especially after her April trip to Florida.

“She seems fixated on who she used to be rather than who she has become. It appears she wants to return to her past self because she keeps talking about that person,” said Tommy, aged 54. “It’s as if she wants to go back, but as a family, we are unable to properly help her because she surrounds herself with people in New York. So she’s out there with the sharks,” Tommy expressed his frustration.

He added, “She is not in the right frame of mind to start a show. Why is the film crew even present? Look at her condition. Does she seem ready to begin a podcast, for goodness sake? It doesn’t seem that way.” Tommy also raised concerns about the eventual release of the production, anticipating that it would focus on Wendy’s past and present condition, which he deemed unnecessary and distressing for their father.

Describing Wendy’s current state as “sad” and highlighting her poor health, Tommy expressed his disappointment. Responding to the request for comment, Wendy’s manager, Will, stated, “Tommy never expressed any frustration to me, so those claims don’t seem accurate.”

Wendy’s publicist did not respond to the request for comment. While filming her reality show-style project, Wendy encountered setbacks both personally and professionally over the past year. Since her departure from the long-running daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2021, she has been absent from the screen.

Amid a series of health issues, a financial guardian took control of her finances earlier that year. In 2022, Wendy entered a rehab facility in Malibu, California, to address her severe alcoholism, which she had been struggling with for years, despite claiming to be sober. Public incidents involving alcohol prompted her decision to seek treatment.

“She has battled severe alcohol abuse alongside serious health problems,” revealed an insider close to the star regarding her rehab stint. “For years, numerous doctors had warned her that if

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