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England rugby star Ellis Genge left ‘s***ting it’ after being confronted after petty insult

England rugby international Ellis Genge was left “s***ting it” during a confrontation with an opponent who used to be a boxing champion.

The Leicester Tigers star caused controversy earlier this month when he avoided punishment after he was caught on camera striking Ireland’s Johnny Sexton in the Roses’ 32-18 loss.

Despite causing fury on Twitter, the 26-year-old was back in action with his club team against the Falcons at Welford Road.

But footage has emerged of Genge turning his attention to a new target- but getting a big surprise.

In the clip, the warm-ups have just ended before the Premiership fixture and both teams are in their dugouts.

The prop, though, is exchanging words with his opposite number Jon Welsh as the Falcons squad head away.

It is not known what was said between the two players – but it was enough to get the Scottish international riled.

Genge’s opponent has his own history of close confrontations, having won the junior Scottish boxing championship at 14 years old in the Noughties and trained in Glasgow.

When the former ring-man lunged towards the England rugby hard-man, all he could do was flinch before offering a nervous smile as the 34-year-old was held back.

The clip saw Genge’s name trend on Twitter, where fans were left in stitches at the confrontation.

“Genre was in reverse when Welsh steams in – love it,” one said.

Another commented; “Genge s***ting it vs Welsh!”

While a third held nothing back, with: “Kick off delayed – Genge has to change his kegs.”

And a fourth added: “Genge bottled it when he came at him – what a d***head.”

A fifth suggested how a clash between the Genge and Welsh would have panned out, with: “Big Jon would have banged him out – got away lightly there.”

With a final supporter simply saying: “He f***ed with the wrong one today. Throw away those s***-stained undies after the game – absolutely bricked it.”

Genge did come out on top with the result, though, as the Tigers secured a 26-12 win at home to stay in the play-off race.

But he was part of the England squad that finished fifth in the Six Nations, recording two wins from five and their worst points different in the current format at -9.

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