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Danica Patrick – The Charm on The Race Tracks

danica patrick the charm on the race tracks

danica patrick the charm on the race tracksWomen have made their mark in every walk of like and they have shown their true lively spirit and a will to stand ahead of everyone else. One such charming woman who has made her name on the race tracks all around the globe is Danica Patrick, (born March 25, 1982) an American auto racing driver.

Danica Patrick is surely a beauty to fall for. Her good looks and natural talent for car racing speaks for itself and that is what makes Danica Patrick a successful auto racing driver, a model and a brand ambassador for various big advertisement and multinational companies.

Danica Patrick started off her career as an auto racing driver from kart racing.  Within no time, she was one of the most popular women in car racing and won multiple awards in different IndyCars series season in 2005. She was awarded with the award of Rookie of the Year by IndyCar series season. The first major victory of Danica Patrick was in 2008 when she won the IndyCar Japan 300 followed by a victory of being the first women in auto car racing to have the highest finish ever.

In 2008, speculations were made that Danica Patrick would be racing on the Formula 1 tracks but later it was called off as Honda team pulled itself out of Formula one and Danica Patrick was a part of Honda team.

Danica Patrick also spread her magic on the tracks of NASCAR in 2010 where she enthralled the masses with her auto racing skills and in 2011; Danica Patrick gave the best finish at the NASCAR top-circuit.

Apart from auto racing, Danica Patrick has been running quite successful TV shows too including “Powerblock” and she also did an appearance in a documentary “Girl Racers”. Danica Patrick has also been the most desirable face for many sports magazines and she also did different advertisements for various brands including a brand of body sprays and deodorants, Tissot, Hot Wheels and many others.

As her latest happenings, Danica Patrick has appeared in Jay-Z’s different music videos and she also appeared in one of the episodes of Simpsons and CSI: NY. All this shows us that Danica Patrick is a multi-talent sports celebrity and she impresses her fans every now and then.

Danica Patrick herself owns a Lamborghini Gallardo and Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG and lives in Arizona, U.S.A with her husband Hospenthal who happens to be her physical therapist too. Danica Patrick surely holds a personality which is very impressive and truly inspiring for many women globally.

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