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Natalie Gulbis – Top Sports Celeb

Natalie Gulbis - Top Sports Celeb

Natalie Gulbis - Top Sports CelebNatalie Gulbis is an American top sports celebrity. She is not just an expert in golf but her unmatched talents in other walks of like particularly media are truly commendable too.

Nowadays, top sports celeb is no more just about tom-boy woman playing a particular sport professionally. Instead, today, the female top sports celeb has multi-faceted personalities and they show up their talents, good looks, class and skills together. Natalie Gulbis is of these female top sports celeb and at the same time, she is rated as one of the hottest American top sports celeb.

Natalie Gulbis is one of the most famous names in top sports celeb when it comes to golf players. It looks like golf runs in the blood of Natalie Gulbis as she started playing it at the age of four and by the time Natalie Gulbis was seven, she won her first tournament too. The rest as they say is history, Natalie Gulbis never looked back from that pint and continues to follow the path of success by being a hard worker and a constant achiever amongst the top sports celeb list.

It was 1997 when Natalie Gulbis played for the first time even in the LPGA tournament and became a heart-throb for many. Due to her exceptional talent in golf, Natalie Gulbis has been awarded a scholarship at University of Arizona which talks much about the educational excellence of this female top sports celeb. Throughout her student life, Natalie Gulbis has been a popular name in school, high school and university because of her unmatched talents in golf and which eventually made Natalie Gulbis, the top sports celeb.

From 2005-2006, success was the favorite flavor of Natalie Gulbis as top sports celeb because she one multiple championships and it as the time when the name of Natalie Gulbis was truly recognized as the top sports celeb. Natalie Gulbis has won Craft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open and Women’s British Open. It is all indeed remarkable in career of Natalie Gulbis as top sports celeb.

Apart from golf, Natalie Gulbis is a very popular name in media world too. In fact, Natalie Gulbis is one of the hottest and most talked about female top sports celeb. An irresistible model, a T.V. Show host, column writer and a business person; WOW! Mostly, almost all the media work done by Natalie Gulbis as top sports celeb is on the topic of golf and its major aim is to let people especially the young ones know more about golf as a global sport.

People love Natalie Gulbis not just as top sports celeb but also because of her sizzling looks, debonair and the way Natalie Gulbis carries herself. Her personality as top sports celeb is a good example for all the girl to learn how to manage multi-tasking and keep oneself fit, loveable and super sexy by being the top sports celeb, just like Natalie Gulbis.

Photograph: Facebook(MEGA)Photo Credit: Getty Images

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