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Nigella Lawson: The Most Beautiful Chef

Nigella Lawson Photo Shoot

Nigella Bites” is one of the most famous cookery shows which are being hosted by Nigella Lawson – an English chef, journalist and broadcaster.

Nigella Lawson ShowShe has great sense of cooking since childhood that let her to carry chef as her profession. Nigella Lawson is well known food writer who has sold out more than three million cookery books of approximately value of £7million. She started her career as a freelancer writer for book reviewer and restaurant critic which she carried on as freelance journalist. Soon she got position of literary editor of The Sunday Times in year 1986. Her life took big turn when she started hosting a cookery show which got huge success. Nigella Bites soon become very popular cookery show at channel 4 that allowed Nigella to host more shows at different channel.

Nigella Feast and Nigella Christmas Kitchen were hosted by Nigella on Food Network and BBC respectively that got pretty tough appreciation by her fans.  Very soon she became one of the UK’s most influential food writers that gained international fame in just few years of her career. She has earned few awards for bestselling books, most of recipes taken from her TV shows.

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It was her pure love for cooking and food that let her to enter in kitchen and also become part of working life. She used to write restaurant column in The Spectator and then food writer in the special column of Vogue magazine. She used to attract people with her easy to make recipe that took no time but gives delicious dishes. How To Eat was her first book that got lots of fame and attention of the readers who actually wanted to try some easy, different but delicious food dishes. The huge success of her first book compelled her to write another book which was totally based on her TV show recipes and got great popularity among audience. These books had won world wide success due to perfect and different writing style of Nigella.

She has specialized in different French dishes and Italian sauces that could make your mouth watery just by throwing one look on it. She has also introduced her fan real and delicious taste of baking with new techniques that has made home baking very much easy, time saving and valuable.  She wrote a book with title “How to be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the art of comfortable cooking” that includes all the tricks of how to make good baking items at home and all the techniques that could make process of baking very much time saving. Many women complain her with so many baking problem and it is amuse to see how she always have answer and tip for all those problems. Indeed she is a great cooking lady who knows what and how problem while cooking could be arise and all the solutions to solve them ironically.

Nigella Lawson has been voted for most beautiful and stunning host among all show hostesses. Her charming smile forces people to watch her show daily without any kind of delay. Many people claim that they have never cooked any of her recipes, neither even touched any of his ingredients but still watch her show daily because she is so stunning and desirably beautiful person they have ever seen. Her twisted teen waist and soft hands compelled everyone to hold their breath and watch her show and even try to cook some recipes even though they are not big fan of cooking yet. She was married to John Diamond who late on died due to throat cancer that was diagnosed after her divorce.


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