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Prince Archie learning to walk in Video with Meghan Markle’s mother gone viral

Prince Archie learning to walk in Video with Meghan Markle's mother gone viral
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Home video footage of Prince Archie interacting with his grandmother Doria Ragland has gone viral in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix program.

In one portion, Archie, who is still a baby in the video, can be seen sitting in a ride-on toy car pulled by Meghan’s mother.

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In another scene, Harry clings to Meghan’s knees as she walks around the kitchen of Tyler Perry’s home in Beverley Hills, where they were staying at the time, while the duchess asks, “Are we walking?”

The film was captured at an important point in the couple’s lives, shortly after they left the palace and migrated from Canada, where they had been residing for several months, to California.

Perry showed them in his Los Angeles home from April until about July 2020, and the scene was shot around this time. It was included in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, which premiered in December 2022.

A TikTok video of the clip was viewed almost 900,000 times, liked 14,000 times, and captioned: “Seeing Prince Archie learn how to walk in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s home videos was so special.”

It was posted with the message: “Omg Grandma Doria there too.” The film was taken from Harry & Meghan episode six, which opened with the couple on what Harry defines as a “freedom flight” from Britain to North America.
They then joined Perry for a stroll around the house where they spent their first months in America before buying their current Montecito assets.

Doria told the show: “For me, it didn’t matter where they landed. You know, I just wanted them to be happy so that I could be with them. And obviously not having to take any long flights made a heck of a difference.”

As Meghan and Harry walked around the lush grounds, the duchess said: “Archie took his first steps right here.”
Harry told the docu-series: “We were there for six weeks and no one knew.”

To Tyler Perry, he said: “For the first six weeks we were here, we were able to walk around like this and the two of us would be up here [in the grounds outside the house], Archie would be walking along here, the dogs running around.”
Harry said that their stay at the residence was calm until the Daily Mail learned their whereabouts and paparazzi cameras invaded.

In a home movie clip from May 8, 2020, he said: “So here we are, two days after Archie’s birthday and a day after the Mail once again pinpointed our location and put it on their website.”

He then filmed the construction of a metal fence around the perimeter of Perry’s land. “Anyway, let me just show you what we’re having to now do,” he continued. “And these large polls are basically the construction of a fence to stop the paparazzi from taking photographs from 3 or 400 meters away.”

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