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Cara DelevingneCara Delevinge, born in London, worked as Cadbury’s model in ads as a child, and is currently the face of Burberry’s beauty campaign. The ravishing young lady has stunned the fashion world as she modeled for other brands including H&M, Dominic Jones Jewellery, Blumarine, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Stella McCartney and also, Chanel With the amount of dedication and diligence that she has put into her career, Cara Delevingne, won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and was also named the ‘star face’ of autumn/winter 2012-2013 by the British Vogue.

When referring to her career and goals, this supermodel is not just restricted to the fashion world. She is flying freely in all dimensions as she heads towards Hollywood. Having made minor attempts initially, she played the role of Princess Sorokina in the Anna Karenina in 2012. Along with being starred in this movie, the 21-year old also hosts her radio station in Grand Theft Auto 5. Moreover, it has been reported that Cara Delevingne is presently chosen to play a leading role in The Face of an Angel, a movie based on the 2009 murder trial of Amanda Knox. The Daily Mirror states that even though she isn’t set for the role of ‘Foxy Knoxy’ but she still has a major role in the film.

Cara’s main focus has recently been transferring from the fashion ramp to the big screen as observed at the New York Fashion Week where, except for her appearance on the closing day, her constant absence came under great notice and realization of her changing interests. She has been working on her priorities with every passing day as she has accepted multiple roles in movies like Kids in Love, London Fields, and has in addition, signed on with and LA agency William Morris.

Moving on to the juiciest gossip- Harry Styles, a prominent singer of One Direction, has been most often spotted with Cara Delevingne in different parties as well as in situations where Styles was found sitting in the first row supporting Cara while she walked the runway in the process of a show. Rumors suggesting that Styles had a crush on Delevingne were banished by him when he stated that they were just friends. Later on, Harry’s new object of interest, model Rosie Huntingtion, was exposed when he labeled her as the most beautiful woman in the world, forgetting Cara somewhere in the course of action.

In addition, another scandal that surrounded Cara Delivingne was about her getting caught by the paparazzi just when she dropped her handbag standing right outside her London home, exposing a packet containing some form of suspicious white powder which she intelligently attempted to spread  away with her  foot.  She was accused of doing drugs and so, H&M deferred their contract with her stating their zero tolerance policy for drugs, and therefore, breaking all knots with her.

Cara Delivingne, moreover, has had a daring streak in her which allowed her to get tattooed even after the top brands she was modeling for had warned her several times. The number of tattoos that she has all over her body comprise of ‘Made in England’, a lion, a southern cross and the number 12.

Regardless  of all the hardships, the challenges and the extreme amount of competition circulating  around her, this astonishing young woman, with her bold personality and her power to stand out and inspire others, has caused her to become the unique fashion statement of today. When she puts on a piece of clothing along with her choice of accessories, you just know it’s about to become the new trend. She has most definitely earned all that she has today- from fame to wealth to style, she has it all. The skills that this extra ordinary model possesses has moreover, led her to stand as number 5 on Models.com’s list of Top Models and is further taking her from the world of fashion to the cinema.

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