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Reese Witherspoon jealous of Nicole Kidman, success of ‘The Undoing’: Rumor

Kidman is accepting rave reviews following the last scene of The Undoing, and Reese Witherspoon can’t stand it. It is true that The Undoing [Nicole Kidman, Grace Fraser]  falling the flag of success after the first episode had been on air on October 25, 2020. After that Kidman regained her lost popularity.

“Nicole and Reese used to be the best of companions however now they scarcely talk. Some state it won’t be long before they quit talking out and out,” the source said.

In July, Woman’s Day asserted that Witherspoon was hurt over Kidman’s decision to not include her in her new show and this article also published on Micky.

Reese could be forgiven for thinking this might be the start of a powerful collaboration between three talented women. So, to have Nic and Liane not only go at it alone but also take production a world away from her in Australia where she has no hope of being involved must hurt,” the unnamed source said.

Nicole Kidman’s safeguard

The source also said that Kidman isn’t totally to a fault. All things considered, the shooting for The Undoing occurred in Australia, and Witherspoon couldn’t be away from her family that long. “Nic had to pull a huge amount of strings to get the New South Wales government to even agree to this during a global pandemic, and she must have known there was no way Reese Witherspoon would be able to join her.

She has two kids to an ex-husband and a young son with her current husband, Jim Toth – and everyone knows they’ve been struggling a little in their marriage lately – so she couldn’t just up and leave for the other side of the world when things are so fragile. I feel sorry for her,” the source said.

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