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Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade Hints College Admissions Scam Backlash Has Been Getting to Her

Olivia Jade has been through a tough time over the last two years with the college admissions scandal sending both of her parents, Mossimo Gianulli and Lori Loughlin, to jail, but she seems to have made peace with learning those lessons publicly. The social media influencer took to TikTok to share a valuable bit of advice she got from a friend, who was also going through a rough time.

“We were talking about being publicly shamed and I was like, ‘Well, my situation doesn’t even compare, I’m not even going to start to compare it to yours,’” Jade said in the post. “And she looked at me and said, ‘Olivia, it doesn’t matter if I’m drowning in 60 feet of water and you’re drowning in 30, we’re both still drowning.’”

The “very inspirational woman,” who shared that message with the former USC student, struck a nerve with Jade. She confirmed that she thinks “about that quote every day because it’s so true and such a bigger message to our world right now.” Jade seems to be understanding that many in the world are suffering from larger issues than the privileged scandal she went through, but it doesn’t diminish the pain of what she is still possibly feeling.

“I think we’re all very quick to judge. I think we’re all very quick to put people down,” added Jade. “If your feelings are hurting [and] if they’re valid to you, they’re valid.”

It looks like Jade is starting to understand how her life has been blessed and, honestly, easier in so many ways. The college admissions scandal did strike a blow to her charmed life, but in the end, she’s going to be OK. 

That doesn’t diminish what she’s feeling, though. She deserves the space to process her emotions regarding the public shaming and to find a way to come through as a (hopefully) better person on the other side. We saw glimpses of that on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, so maybe this is her way of sharing some of her personal growth milestones.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is going through worse, you’re allowed to have a hard time in this world,” she summed up. “But that doesn’t take away from somebody else, and that shouldn’t take away from you. We’re all human beings.”

Maybe this hard time in life will wind up being the best thing to happen to Jade — it possibly gave her more depth and perspective on life.

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