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Psychologist Tells Us Melania’s Concerns Could Create Personal Conflict As Barron Heads To College

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Former First Lady Melania Trump is likely having mixed feelings about her only child, Barron Trump, entering a new chapter in his life shortly. The youngest Trump kid is reportedly all set to graduate high school on May 17, 2024. A few days before the big milestone, his father, Former President Donald Trump, confirmed to Newsweek that Barron was heading off to college after getting his diploma.

The controversial politician doesn’t seem too emotional about the idea of his son growing up and moving out, possibly because the two have always appeared to share a rather distant relationship. On the other hand, Melania has a close bond with her son, so she’s probably dealing with tons of conflicting emotions at the moment.  

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, an NYC-based neuropsychologist and the director of Comprehend The Mind, exclusively informed The List that the former first lady’s feelings about Barron’s graduation are similar to most caring moms. “When a son graduates high school, a mother typically experiences many emotions, often a mix of pride, joy, relief, nostalgia, and sometimes even sadness or anxiety,” she explained. 

The expert elaborated that, although Melania is over the moon that her son put in all the hard work to graduate with flying colors, she’s understandably sad that college will reduce her role in Barron’s life and take him away from her. Melania may even shed a tear or two thinking about how her little boy has grown up before her eyes. And to top it all off, she’s likely overcome with completely natural fears about how he’s going to fare out in the world all by himself. 

Neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez asserted that Barron Trump’s transition into adulthood is even tougher for Melania Trump because he is her only kid. As the expert acknowledged, “With only one child, the bond can be exceptionally strong, and the daily interactions more central to the parent’s life.”

Dr. Hafeez continued, “The child’s graduation significantly changes this dynamic, leading to a profound sense of loss or emptiness.” She further remarked that Barron’s departure from the family home could also lead Melania to feel less fulfilled in her life more generally, because she won’t have as much to occupy her time as before.

The neuropsychologist further noted that feelings of anxiety and nostalgia may be more heightened in people with only one child because they don’t have other kids to care for. On a brighter note, Dr. Hafeez suggested that the former First Lady could use the extra time to discover new passions and hobbies. 

She also felt that Melania’s personal conflicts may be reduced as she watches Barron hopefully thrive in a new environment. However, her son’s celebrity status could make this change of scenery less beautiful. According to the neuropsychologist, it’s common for celebrity parents to worry about the transition into a less sheltered environment, pointing out.

“The child may be subjected to intense media scrutiny, and their personal life could be exposed to public view, leading to a lack of normalcy and privacy.” Additionally, parents like the former first lady often fear that their child’s friends or significant others have sinister motives for getting close to them.

Additionally, Dr. Sanam Hafeez exclusively told The List that Melania Trump may be worried about how Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential run could negatively affect their son as Barron Trump navigates such a massive change in his life, noting, “This scenario would likely bring a combination of personal and public pressures that could contribute to her anxiety.”

Melania is nervous about how all the attention could negatively affect her son’s education, too. While she privately deals with these difficult thoughts, the former first lady must publicly put on a brave face and support her husband throughout his re-election campaign. Furthermore, Melania also must bear the weight of upholding her public image and fulfilling her official engagements.

All-in-all, Dr. Hafeez believes that Melania is probably having a tough time tackling several demanding roles at once.  As the neuropsychologist detailed, “Melania might also experience personal anxiety about balancing her roles as a supportive spouse, a concerned mother, and a public figure,” adding, “The demands of the campaign trail, coupled with her desire to ensure Barron’s smooth transition to college life, could create a complex and emotionally taxing situation.”

While the teen’s upcoming graduation gave Melania considerably more to think about, it seems like she’s been emotional about his transition into adulthood for a while. In fact, when the youngest Trump child turned 18 in May 2024, a psychologist told us that Melania may be facing loneliness as a result.

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