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Melania Trump’s ex-aide claims to have unreleased tapes to back tell-all –‘Enormous trove’

Last year, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former adviser to Melania Trump during her time in the White House, released a bombshell tell-all book about their purportedly troubled friendship. 

The memoir, ’Melania & Me’, issued incendiary accusations about Donald Trump’s wife that led the Justice Department (DOJ) to file a lawsuit against the author.

Ms Winston Wolkoff claimed to have based the book off tapes she secretly recorded of Mrs Trump while working with her at the East Wing from January 2017 to February 2018.

After the lawsuit from the US Justice Department – in which Ms Winston Wolkoff is accused of breaching a non-disclosure agreement – was dismissed, the author claimed she had unreleased recordings of Mrs Trump.

In a series of tweets, Ms Winston Wolkoff wrote: “Melania opened Pandora’s box involving the DOJ.

“The enormous trove of communications & documentations I possess and shared tell the true story about ‘why’ and ‘how’ the contracts were ‘created’ and ‘terminated’ and who was involved. TRUTH PREVAILS.”

She added: “The Trumps gagged me and tried to silence me and the truth. Justice prevailed!

“The Trumps used the DOJ as their personal lawyers. Justice is being restored in our great nation to serve the people and not the interests of those in power.”

The former aide claimed the dismissal was a “vindication against forces from the former President, and Melania on down, who attempted to wield their power to silence me by intimidating me from speaking the truth.”

She added: “This lawsuit was a meritless attempt by Donald and Melania to use the Justice Department to pursue their personal interests, silencing and intimidating me over speech protected by the First Amendment.”

The claims come after a body language expert suggested “the tide is turning” in the Trumps’ marriage as Mrs Trump will see “more power” in the relationship.

Bruce Durham predicted the couple will stay together with Mrs Trump taking a more dominant role.

However, the relationship was subject to scrutiny after former aides said Mrs Trump was “counting every minute” until she could divorce the former president.

Mr Durham observed footage of the couple dancing at the Inauguration Freedom Ball in 2017.

The expert said Mr Trump “looks uncomfortable” in the video, and added: “Now, we all have a relative who ‘dances like a grandad’ way before his time (I put myself in that bracket) but Donald is truly uncomfortable in this situation.

“In psychology we talk about Individualised Zone of Optimum Function – when you are in ‘the zone’ or have hit your sweet spot of performance.

“In this dance, we see a glimpse into the fundamental lack of emotional connectivity surrounding Donald.

“Yes, he is great with numbers but as often with people like this, they can often struggle with the human connection.”

In contrast, the former First Lady is “trying to guide Donald into having a simple dance”, Mr Durham said.

He added: “What makes this quite humorous, akin to Fawlty Towers, is that Donald is sublimely unaware that he looks uncomfortable or that he is out of his depth.”

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