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Melania And Donald Trump Divorce Just Won’t Die Down, Dating Expert Weighs In

Donald and Melania Trump quietly moved on after losing in the 2020 United States Presidential Elections. Both have settled down in Florida although critics believe that the 74-year-old will try again in 2024. But the question now is will the former First Lady still be around when that time comes?

Tied to the recent loss of Donald Trump in the last US presidential elections, suggestions of an impending divorce have been in the air. Most feel that things are not going well for the power couple and that their relationship is far from being at its best.

The alleged separation of Donald and Melania Trump has yet to happen and a recent Valentine’s Day date spotting tried to put that to rest. Unfortunately, Donald and Melania Trump rumors are unlikely to go away just like that.

Not all people will buy into the recent Valentine’s Day date. Some will maintain that it is an act while others just continue to observe how the two were when they were seen publicly. The latest to weigh in on that is a Former Channel 4 Celebs Go Dating Coach, Lady Nadia Essex. As far as she is concerned, it will only be a matter of time before the former first couple would part ways.

Essex pointed out that there is no chemistry between Donald and Melania Trump. The body language of the former First Lady is noticeable and the dating coach feels that it may only be a matter of time before they go separate ways.

“She clearly does not want to be in his company and often is seen bashing his hand away when he tries to hold hers,” Essex stated.

However, Essex did not limit her observations on Melania alone. She feels that Donald Trump is also unhappy with the relationship and that both are married only by name.

So now, the question is up to when can Donald and Melania Trump last. Will they still be together if the real estate tycoon runs again for the United States presidency in 2024?

“She could divorce whilst he was president so I wouldn’t be surprised if she files for divorce before the next US election,” Essex suggested.

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