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Meghan Markle’s ailing dad says he refuses ‘to be buried by her’ in likely ‘final ever’ interview

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As she frequently mentioned how she already mourned him, Meghan Markle’s ailing and long-estranged father has said he refuses “to be buried” by his exiled royal daughter.

Thomas Markle, 78, pleaded with his daughter to get back in touch after he had a crippling stroke so he could finally meet his royal grandchildren, Princess Lilibet, 1, and Prince Archie, who will be 4 on Saturday, the day his other grandpa, King Charles III, is crowned.

In a program that aired on Sunday, 7News Spotlight questioned Markle about his daughter’s admission to her Netflix documentary that she “lost my dad” and how Prince Harry claimed in his biography, “Spare,” that Meghan “was mourning the loss of her father.”

In what he said was probably his “final ever” interview, the sick father added, “She killed me and then mourned me.” “I won’t let her bury me,” she said.

Thomas Markle posted heartfelt recordings of him and his daughter as evidence that “she loved” her father and considered him to be “her hero” before “suddenly I was thrown out.”

He stated, “I wish that we could sit down and talk,” but he acknowledged that it was improbable given the fact that his daughter had not contacted him even after his stroke a year earlier. What else would get her attention if she doesn’t show up for a stroke? asked the father, who uses a cane to walk.

Thomas Markle said he had not spoken to his daughter since she sent him a letter that was “so hateful and so cruel” over four years ago, calling it “pretty much a kiss-off.”

Harry, 38, said in his book that “there is nothing in that letter to be ashamed about,” while criticizing the father-in-law he has never seen for leaking portions of the letter to the media. There are other things in that letter, Thomas Markle said, “that are so hateful and so cruel, that I wouldn’t put it out.”

In spite of being offered a lot of money, he said he’d “burn it before I sell it,” adding that protecting her came before defending himself. Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan’s half-siblings, both expressed outrage at the estranged royal’s assertion that Meghan was an only child whose greatest “wish” was to have “had siblings.”

Because she didn’t think they were suitable for her new life, Meghan allegedly denied their existence. Meanwhile, Thomas Markle stated that his objective is to simply “sit down and talk” with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Simply put, it makes a parent feel extremely sad. Their separation, he continued, “is a great letdown and it’s terrible every day.

“Meg I adore my grandkids and you. I’d love to see them, he remarked, saying that the future prince and princess “are going to have my nose, they’re going to have my eyes.” He described Harry as a “nice guy,” and said, “I love you for marrying my daughter.”

He smiled and added, “Thank you,” before sending a last message to his daughter: “I’m open to any kind of conversation.”

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