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Meghan Markle FINALLY tells the truth: ‘My side of the story’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

We have seen the enormous story about the royal family but Meghan Markle story is one of the favourites of all.  Recently her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr has disclosed that Meghan Markel was always ambitious about to become a part of royalty.

According to New Ideas, “ A new book is set to turn the tables on these narratives, instead of declaring that it is in fact the royal family that’s lucky to have Meghan – not the other way around.

The author of the book Sean Smith is out to set the record straight, contending the Duchess has never been treated fairly by either the palace or the British people at large.

Referring to another article which Meghan wrote for a magazine named Elle, titled I’m More than an Other, which explored the difficulties she faced being of mixed race, he says she was treated as an “other” by the UK media and public from the moment she entered Harry’s life.

“She was an ‘other’ in every aspect of her life,” Sean says. “The fact she was an American, the fact she was an actress, the fact she was a woman of achievement, and the fact she was bi-racial.

“So she was completely treated as an ‘other’ right from the very start and I found that quite shocking, how there was so much negativity surrounding her.”


Although she belongs to the good background however she always yearning for Princess kinda stuff. According to Sean, what’s so often overlooked are Meghan’s many achievements before she even met Harry.

“Here was a woman who had a standing ovation at a women’s UN conference, but was immediately classified as ‘Harry’s hottie’, as if she was a teenage starlet,” he says.

“It was appalling.”


“I would be very surprised if they harboured ambitions to come back,” he insists. “One of the first things Meghan said when she got back to the US was, ‘It’s good to be home.’

“I’m sure she’s going to thrive much more in her home environment and being able to see family and friends she’s known all her life, including her lovely mum Doria.”

The author is also a realist about whether a compromised royal duty arrangement could be embarked upon between the Sussexes and the Queen, explaining that Her Majesty is not one who’s known to yield historically.

“In many ways, the royal family is very limited in what it can do, with tradition and protocol,” Sean says.

“Harry and Meghan now have a much stronger opportunity to have voices on the global stage.”

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