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When Kim Kardashian Posed As Virgin Mary & Netizens Couldn’t Make Peace With The Fact

If you have even slightly been keeping up with the Kardashians, you know how much Kim Kardashian goes out of her way to promote her products and endorsement. There have been several instances when her marketing strategies gone wrong and created a whirlpool of backlash against her. It will be difficult to list them all at once.

One such incident when Kim Kardashian’s decision went drastically wrong was when she turned the Virgin Mary for a product under her Kimoji Collection. It was a candle that created a stir. Read on to know everything you should about the controversy below. Also, do not miss the Kimoji post that still exists on their official Instagram page.

It was in April 2017, when Kim Kardashian dropped the newest Kimoji collection. It was used to promo Kimoji’s “4:20 drop” it featured marijuana-themed emojis and matching merch. One of them was a glass praying candle. What was wrong with it was Kim herself posing asthe Virgin Mary. This created a big wave of backlash. People called her disrespectful and also called Kim out for insulting Christianity.

Twitter then was full of reactions against the beauty mogul and some even said Kim Kardashian is trying to make people worship her. A reaction on Twitter back them read, “Kim Kardashian and trump… both got something in common – both are idiots. Like seriously, Kim is the epitome of fame seeking just like Kanye. She does things out of the ordinary for attention! Here’s a candle so you could worship Virgin Mary as kim btw. Smh.”

Another reacting to Kim Kardashian’s candle post wrote, “Why am I now seeing this? Who on earth decided that this was a good idea? This is distasteful and offensive to Catholics everywhere smh.”

Check a few reactions here:

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