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Kate Middleton roots for Prince William after he ‘lost his support act in Prince Harry’

Kate Middleton
photo credit: Getty Images

Kate Middleton and her support for her hubby Prince William were recently praised by an expert who keeps on rooting for the new Prince of Wales.

Speaking to OK!, royal expert Katie Nicholl said that Kate and William make “a brilliant team.”

The expert continued: “They finish one another’s sentences and they are always there for each other, which is why it works.

“We’ve seen Kate as a solo act increasingly over recent years and she’s very capable on her own and very happy, but they’re also a very effective and powerful double act, so while I think we’ll see a lot of this, I do think we will see more of Kate coming out on her own as the new Princess of Wales in 2023.”

Katie continued: “He’s lost his support act in Harry but he really recognizes that he has an invaluable support act in Kate.

“I think they are equally proud of each other but they‘ve really needed to be there for each other over these last couple of years and I think Kate has been a huge support at a time when he really needed it.”

She added: “It’s largely down to a very supportive partner in William and they’re very happy and they’re a very good team together, but she’s also got the support of her family.”

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