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Justin Timberlake’s gift to disabled child: ‘I was so moved you inspire me’

Justin Timberlake’s recent act of kindness for a child with Cerebral Palsy has fans gushing and many in the child’s community have even started praising the singer for his kind hearted gesture towards the veteran household.

He not only gifted a state-of-the-art van to make the family’s life easier, he also engaged in a heartfelt and wholesome conversation which has taken social media by storm.

In Timberlake’s conversation with the father and son the singer was quoted saying, “It’s my pleasure. Like I said, I heard there was a goal to try to get this van before Thanksgiving. I heard your story and saw a little news clip about it.”

According to People, he even admitted, “I was so moved that I want you guys to have this van. I’m going to cover all the costs. I want you guys to have a great holiday. You inspire me, Jake.”

For the unversed, it was Michael Abbott Jr. who told a local news channel, WJHL, about the teen’s situation, and after it caught Timberlake’s eye, he rushed in to help.

Tim spoke to the same local news outlet after his conversation with Timberlake occurred and was quoted saying, “It’s going to make his life much easier as we go into our future and it’s going to make my life a lot easier because there’s not many people that can lift him up and sit him in a van like he needs. It’s going to make our lives so much easier because of the independence he’s going to have as a young man now.”

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