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Learn How To Hide Dark Circles With These Makeup Tips

Dark circles are probably one of the topmost concerns amongst women when it comes to beauty issues. Reasons attributing to its occurrence could be plenty and can include heredity, nasal congestion, too less or too much sleep or even allergies.

By following a healthy regime with adequate sleep, balanced diet and stress free living, you can combat most of these problems. However, many times you are in need of a quick fix solution to conceal dark circles for a specific occasion or moment.

Makeup for dark circles are available in plenty in the market today and choosing amongst them is usually a gargantuan task.

Best Available Makeup for Dark Circles

Dark circles cannot usually be concealed with normal makeup. A moisturizer or foundation will not do justice as effective makeup for dark circles. This beauty problem can be addressed suitably with an appropriate concealer, since they are opaque.

Concealers come in different shades and textures and the kind of dark circle and skin type determine the nature of concealer you should be investing in. Concealers are usually an effective temporary solution to your dark circles.

How to Choose Concealer for Dark Circles?

Before you make up your mind on buying the best product or makeup for dark circles such as a concealer, visit a beauty products store to determine your options. Try different shades to avoid picking one that either makes your circles look prominent or makes you look weird. The rule for concealers is to choose yellow tint for hiding dark circles that are purple in color; tan, blue or mauve concealers to hide circles that are brown in color and orange concealers to conceal bluish circles.

Always choose a cream concealer that is light in weight. Avoid the use of products that require excessive rubbing, they should instead glide smoothly over your skin. Excess rubbing can sometimes aggravate dark circles, especially if they are a result of circulation problems. Check for results after trial under natural lights to avoid getting duped by bright lights on the makeup counter.

Using Makeup for Dark Circles – Tips

Apply concealer, beginning from the inside corner of your eye and work your way towards the outside until it completely and smoothly blends with your skin. Even application is necessary to achieve best results, since it avoids shading and uneven skin tone. Use it lightly and never apply a thick coat.

Stay away from using mascara on lower lashes since mascara flakes can make your dark circles look even darker. For a neat and well polished look, apply translucent powder over the concealer.

As an alternative makeup for dark circles, you can consider using quality eye serum or cream. With quality products and balanced lifestyle, you can manage to bid goodbye to dark circles.

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