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Was Justin Bieber cheating on Hailey Bieber with Bella Poarch? Rumour debunked

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In TikTok, a rumor that is difficult to believe has been around for a while. The power couple, who are well-known to audiences across the world and have often made headlines, may have to cope with these suspicions since they cause arguments and the mention of “cheating.

Hailey has recently stopped using TikTok as a platform because of the hostility and the unfounded allegations that can be found there. What is going on with Justin Bieber’s infidelity on TikTok?

Two more TikTokers’ user IDs, @arielareeder and @thekylemarisa, along with another TikToker, claim to have a video of the two celebrities cheating.

According to rumors, Justin desired an adulterous relationship with the popular TikTok user. Apparently, Justin approached Poarch to promote his music and asked for a partnership to make the platform more appropriate for his music.

When the two first met, the project apparently came to an abrupt halt because Poarch reportedly felt “uncomfortable” knowing that Justin was married and declined the chance to work together. In the TikTok video, it is addressed. She is said to have “found the actual objective” for the partnership after that.

It does not provide any proof of infidelity by Justin Bieber or his desire to do so. The audience would undoubtedly want to know what all the hoopla is about and if it is real enough to even trust this unfounded view of others, even though the pair have not remarked on this.

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