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Jess Impiazzi says ‘I tried taking my life after rugby star husband cheated on me’

Jess Impiazzi has revealed one of the lowest moments of her life as she recalled what happened after she found out her husband had cheated on her.

The 31-year-old reality star, who is best known for her stints on Ex on the Beach and CelebrityBig Brother, has detailed the aftermath of finding that rugby star husband Denny Solomona had slept with another woman.

Writing in her new memoir, Silver Linings, Jess opened up about discovering the new while in Australia and how she struggled to cope with the betrayal.

In 2018, after being married for 15 months, Jess said that she was thinking of starting a family with Denny when she was hit with the devastating revelation.

They were in Melbourne visiting his family when she found out the news, and immediately packed her suitcase and left him, spending a number of nights alone in an airport hotel as she struggled to face the world.

During this time, she took a number of pills and alcohol in the hope of bringing her life to an end, before paramedics arrived at her room to help save her.

Writing in her book, Jess recalled: “I’d thrown it all away – my career, my happiness, my self-esteem. I’d made such a stupid mistake. I completely blamed myself.”

As she sat in her hotel room she decided to text Denny nd let him know her feelings on his cheating.

Jess wrote: “I told him that I hated him and this was his fault and that I loved my family, and I was going to end it. I pressed send.”

Detailing what happened next, Jess admitted she “took about seven Diazepam and the rest of the sleeping tablets and passed out.”

The mother of one of Denny’s friends woke Jess up as she banged on the hotel door and she was followed in by police officers and a paramedic.

Jess recalled: “I regretted sending that text and also felt pissed off and surprised that I’d woken up after taking those tablets.

“The paramedics did some tests to check if I was okay and thankfully I was.

“I promised everyone that I didn’t want to take my life, and that it was a big misunderstanding.

“I was just feeling very low after something that had happened to me.”

After Denny phoned her family in the UK, Jess said that she felt guilty about her actions and said: “I wish I had told them about how I was feeling.”

Jess wrote: “They knew what had happened and that I had left Denny, but I lied and convinced them that I was fine.https://get-latest.convrse.media/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mirror.co.uk%2F3am%2Fcelebrity-news%2Fjess-impiazzi-says-i-tried-23315926&cre=bottom&cip=27&view=web

“I was far from it and I should have got help rather than act so stupid.”

*Silver Linings by Jess Impiazzi is published by Hashtag Press and is out now – £17.99.

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