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Jennifer Garner back with John Miller after he showered her with lavish gifts: Rumor

John Miller showered Jennifer Garner with extremely expensive presents so they will get back together allegedly.

As per National Enquirer, Miller possesses $20 million so he doesn’t infringe outlaying wealth on lover Jennifer Garner. And the 13 ‘Going On 30’ celeb couldn’t repudiate the feelings of getting expensive gifts.

Micky reported, “John’s been spending extravagantly on Jen, but he doesn’t mind going over the top because he’s determined to keep her and not let her go a second time. He’s breaking the bank so she won’t break his heart again,” the source said.

The evidence stated that the couple is separated for one last year now and since then they didn’t get back together. So, after the Yes Day star found out that her ex-husband, Ben Affleck is dating Jennifer Lopez, she, allegedly, decided to get back together with Miller.

“Even when they called it quits, they were still friends. They don’t live far from one another,” the source said.

This month publications have reported that Garner and Miller are back together but, no evidence has been found yet.  

It doesn’t seem like the claims are truly said, Micky. Gerner has an idea that an actress worth a million so it is almost impossible for Miller to gave her worthy gifts for getting back together.

‘It wasn’t true that ‘Affleck and Lopez have already gotten back together. If they would have, there is no clue that Garner would get back together with Miller.

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