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Jennifer Aniston hints about what she expects from a relationship

A recent social media interaction by Jennifer Aniston has shed some light that the actress is not disposed to rush into a relationship.

The 52-year-old actress has once been the Hollywood’s ‘golden couple’ with Brad Pitt. She also had a high profile marriage to Justin Theroux from 2015 to 2017.

There are rumours that Brad Pitt is coming back to her however the Friend star is not given to ‘casual dating’. There are also reports from sources in local media that there is a ‘handsome guy’ who has a lot in common with her.

But, the question is: Will he make The Morning Show star’s beau? The actress has one possible indirect answer on her Instagram, where she shared a snippet of a documentary about actress Eartha Kitt.

A clip shows Eartha responding to a reporter who asks, “If a man came into your life, wouldn’t you want to compromise?” And, she blurts out, “Stupid. A man comes into my life and I have to compromise? You must think about that once again. A man comes into my life and you have to compromise? For what? For what?”

Jennifer captioned the Instagram story with laughing emojis that reveals her bent of mind about the romantic relationship — No Compromise. 

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