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Princess Anne Reacts with Frustration to King Charles’ Bold Declaration

princess anne and king charles

King Charles III made a bold and unexpected announcement when he revealed that colorful invitation for his coronation ceremony.

His Majesty declared that his wife would now be known as Queen Camilla. When the Sovereign took over his mother’s throne, his spouse was given the title of Queen Consort.

In early 2022, Queen Elizabeth II issued an official statement confirming that when King Charles ascended the throne, his wife would be known as Queen Consort.

It had been the case for all the wives of past British monarchs. However, King Charles decided to break from past traditions and ignore Queen Elizabeth’s public decision to elevate his wife.

It appears that he took the decision against the opinion of some members of the Royal Family. According to the latest report, King Charles’s only sister, Anne, Princess Royal, is against the move, and she made it known during a post-coronation dinner party.

David Emanuel, the fashion designer, who created Princess Diana‘s wedding dress, appears to still have connections to the Royal Family.

In an interview with Dan Wootton, the royal expert revealed that Princess Anne lashed out at her sister-in-law and told her: “You’re not Queen; you’re the Queen Consort.”

The designer revealed: “I heard that there was a Coronation dinner with which obviously the King and Camila were there, and apparently Princess Royal said, ‘You’re not Queen, you’re the Queen’s consort.’”

Emanuel said on GB News the “whole situation” regarding Queen Camilla’s new and unexpected title is “highly charged.”

The commentator also spoke about King Charles’s decision to disregard the rules laid out by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

He added: “I understood from Her Majesty the Queen she said she should be Queen Consort. Now suddenly, she’s now going to be Queen. And it’s very difficult because a lot of people have told me they were unhappy about it.”

This month, the Princess Royal has boldly made her feelings known on a variety of topics.

In a rare interview, Princess Anne said that she disagreed with King Charles’s decision to slim down the monarchy.

She revealed on a Canadian network that King Charles’s concept is not ideal because, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has gone, there are not enough senior royals to keep the monarchy’s machine spinning.

She revealed: “It doesn’t look like a good idea from where I’m standing. Well, I think the ‘slimmed down’ was said on a day when there were a few more people around to make that seem like a justifiable comment.”

At the coronation, Princess Anne behaved, unlike other royals, by laughing and sharing jokes with Prince Harry.

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