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George Clooney admits he never wanted kids before meeting the ‘extraordinary’ Amal Clooney

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George Clooney recently made an appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast and opened up about his four-year-old twins Ella and Alexander and the “very emotional” moment he and wife Amal decided they wanted to have kids! Clooney, 60, said: “Listen, I didn’t want to get married.

I didn’t want to have kids and then this extraordinary human being walked into my life and I just fell madly in love. Then I knew from the minute I met her that everything was going to be different.”

He added: “So we’ve been married for about a year and we were at a friend’s house, and they had a kid there which was loud and obnoxious and I was like, ‘Holy s—t, we went outside for a walk.

And she’d never thought about it, really. And so then she said, ‘We are awfully lucky in life.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, we are lucky we found each other.’ She said, ‘Seems like that luck should be shared with some other folks.’

And then I just said, ‘Well, I mean, if you’re in’ and she said, ‘I think we should try.’ I have to say it was very emotional because I really was convinced that wasn’t my lot in life and was comfortable with that.”

George also opened up about the moment he and the 43-year-old lawyer found out they were having twins. “I didn’t know I’d have twins. There is that moment when you go to the doctor and they pull out this piece of paper which is a sonogram and they go, ‘Here’ and you go, ‘It’s a baby boy.’

I’m like, ‘Baby boy, fantastic,’ and then they said, ‘And the other one is the girl’ and I was like, ‘Oh s—t.’ Amal’s sister has twins and I was gobsmacked because…I was kind of up for one…I love it now and thank God they have each other during the pandemic,” he added.

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