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Prince Phillip’s Funeral Turns Cold and Awkward For Estranged Brothers William and Harry

William and Harry

Coward Meghan dropped a nuke on the family and then sent Harry in alone to deal with the mess…

Prince Harry arrived back in the United Kingdom on Sunday to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip, who died last Friday at the age of 99.

With Philip’s funeral not set to take place until next Saturday, a source said that the royal family is desperately hoping that Harry and his older brother Prince William will use the days leading up to it to mend their broken relationship.

“Harry knew he was walking into the lion’s den so to speak, but decided it was important to keep his head held high and show his respect towards his grandfather,” the source told US Weekly, adding that Harry “loved [Philip] very much and will always remember [him] fondly.”

“The rest of the family are just hoping the brothers can grit their teeth and get through this without stress or animosity,” the source added. “There’s also a hope that they can bond in person and put the past behind them, though it’ll be difficult due to the resentment and anger that’s existed on both sides.”

The insider went on to explain that in the wake of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey last month, there may be too much baggage for him and Harry to salvage their relationship by this weekend. Both brothers, however, will reportedly be trying to take the high road for Queen Elizabeth.

“The likelihood is that they’ll get through this quietly and be cordial yet somewhat detached,” the insider said. “They certainly won’t want to stress out their grandmother with any ill will or negativity, so that’s one positive.”

Royal expert Andrew Morton spoke out to say that William and Harry won’t air their dirty laundry while mourning the loss of their beloved grandfather.

“I think that they’ll behave very well and … there will be a degree of interaction,” Morton explained. “They will be cordial, as opposed to friendly. I don’t think there’ll be anybody putting their arms around one another.”

Meghan decided not to attend the funeral and stay behind at her and Harry’s California home after doctors allegedly told her that she should not be traveling since she is about six months pregnant with her and Harry’s second child right now.

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